Guinea pig and guinea pig insurance: why take out? What price ?

The guinea pig, or guinea pig, is a rodent belonging to the family of Caviidae or cavidae. Contrary to what its name suggests, the guinea pig comes from Latin America.

Raised for a long time for its flesh in the Andean countries, it is in France and in Europe a very popular NAC (New Pets). This companion, measuring 20 to 25 centimeters and weighing 700 grams to 1.2 kilos is an endearing, cuddly, sociable and calm ball of fur.

Strictly herbivorous, the guinea pig can live between 5 and 8 years, all breeds combined, short or long hairs, rosette or Peruvian, etc. To offer him the best living conditions, it will be necessary to ensure his diet, his hygiene and his health.

For him to stay in good health as long as possible, an annual veterinary follow-up as well as care in the event of accident, injury or illness is necessary. To offset the cost of health costs, a guinea pig and guinea pig mutual insurance scheme can be taken out.

Guinea pig insurance to protect your companion

NAC health contracts cover the veterinary costs related to examinations, illnesses and accidents that your guinea pig needs throughout its life. They allow partial or total reimbursement of consultations, operations, medicines and ancillary costs.

Your guinea pig is unfortunately, like all pets, subject to certain psychological and medical conditions. Veterinary costs can be high and guinea pig insurance allows you to take care of your companion.

The guinea pig and the associated health costs

In addition to the arrangements that you will need to plan for when adopting your companion, such as a large cage, an outdoor enclosure for sunny days and accessories for him to have fun, you will also allocate a dedicated monthly budget for your guinea pig, including its litter, hay, vitamin D, fresh vegetables and pellets.

But when an illness or an accident occurs, it is necessary to consult the veterinarian quickly. To not be caught off guard and face the health costs of a guinea pig, taking out a NAC mutual is the ideal solution.

Your guinea pig will sooner or later lead you to incur health costs for various reasons:

  • Provide annual consultations at the NAC specialist veterinarian to ensure the good health of your companion and prevent rather than cure
  • Palliate a depressed especially if he is alone when he would need the company of a fellow creature
  • Heal her wounds if he is attacked by another guinea pig or accidentally injured by a child, cat, dog, etc.
  • Be protected against parasites, whether it is lice, fleas, worms or the appearance of scabies
  • Heal a infectious or viral disease, especially related to respiratory problems, mastitis or dental malocclusions

In view of the list of health risks incurred by your animal, it is wise to take out guinea pig insurance to provide it with all the necessary medical care.

What support for guinea pig insurance?

A health contract for rodents generally offers the following guarantees:

  • Reimbursement of consultations, hospitalizations in the event of accident or illness
  • Reimbursement of annual visits, drugs, anti-parasitics, etc.
  • Telephone information service for veterinary emergencies to provide you with the best possible guidance

It is right to check the information in the insurance contract to know the conditions of application of the guarantees.

Pay attention to rates, deductibles, ceilings and waiting periods

All insurers do not offer the same levels of guarantee and the contribution amounts vary from one health plan to another. Before subscription, check the following:

  • Support rate, generally ranging from 50 to 85%
  • Deductibles provided for in the contract, they can be indicated by event or by year, it is your remainder to load in the event of “disaster”
  • Guarantee ceilings, they determine the maximum reimbursement threshold that you can obtain
  • Waiting periods, they define a period after subscription during which the insurer will not intervene, this period which may be different in the event of accident, illness, surgery, etc.

Each contract providing for specific guarantees and contributions varying from simple to triple, it is important to choose the health insurance of your companion by comparing the available offers.

How to take out guinea pig and guinea pig health insurance?

To make the best choice according to your budget and the needs of your hairball, it is essential to compare guarantees. For this, online simulators are perfect: they will save time and money.

Keep in mind that the earlier you buy the less expensive the insurance. In addition, older animals cannot benefit from a health contract. So do not wait until the last moment to protect your companion well: fill out the form, click, choose!

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