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The Hamilton Hound is a Swedish breed that is truly dedicated to physical activities. Used as a scent hound for digging up or research, it is also a wonderful life companion for families. But to make him fully happy, he needs a maximum of stimulation. No compromise on that.

Characteristics of the Hamilton Hound

Rather medium in size, the Hamilton Hound measures between 49 and 57 cm if it is a female and if it is a male, its measurements range from 53 to 61 cm. The weight for its part oscillates between 23 and 27 kg. This breed is distinguished by its body writable in a rectangle and marked by power and strength. Well proportioned, it does not reveal any heaviness and develops a very distinct withers, a more or less arched and muscular loins, a powerful and horizontal back as well as a long and well let down chest. The head is quite long and reveals a more or less broad and convex skull. The stop is visible without being strongly accentuated. The animal wears a rectangular and long muzzle as well as large nostrils carried by a black nose which gives it its exceptional flair. The eyes express tranquility and are dark brown in color. The ears, for their part, go forward and are set high. As for the coat, it is quite short and has a rough texture. The color is tricolor and reveals a combination of black, fawn color and ocher to reddish brown undertone.

History of the Hamilton Hound breed

The Hamiltonstövare has its origins in Sweden. It owes its paternity to Count Hamilton who contributed to the development of the breed from the 19th century. The Hamiltonstövare would be the result of a hybridization between the Harrier, the Foxhound and hounds from Switzerland and Germany. Originally, it was used exclusively by the nobility and royalty in hunting activities. He became known during a dog show during which his first ancestors namely Pang and Stella were presented. The Hamiltonstövare is usually found in its native country and in Great Britain. Elsewhere in the world, including France, it is almost unknown.

Living conditions and behavior of the Hamilton Hound

The Hamiltonstövare is a passionate animal, which is why it is so popular in its country of origin. He excels in hare or fox hunting activities and stands out as an essential aid for any good hunter by his ability to dislodge game. The Hamiltonstövare is also a good pet who enjoys family life. He is a great player, gentle, friendly and with a stable character. However, he can sometimes be stubborn. He will need a firm education and a master who knows how to be constant in his learning to rectify this temperament.

Diet and main health problems of the Hamilton Hound

The Hamiltonstövare is a very robust dog. But if he intervenes in the hunt, he needs to be followed by a veterinarian in a strict and regular way, because accidents are very common. He must also benefit from an energetic, healthy and rich diet to meet his caloric expenditure.

Hamilton Hound Dog or Puppy Price

  • Price Hamilton Hound male: n / a
  • Price Hamilton Hound female: n / a

Photo credit: Sannse

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