Happiness at work with the Chief Happiness Officers the CHOs !!! – EconomyMorning

This week, in the video of the week, the press review for the month of June!

A colorful press review because I evoke at length the special file of Management magazine on CHOs!

Nothing to do with heat, a CHO is a “Chief Happiness Officer”. You can translate this as a “happiness manager” or the “happiness leader” in the business.

A damn serious task.

Think about it.

Making people happy in the company is a noble mission.

For my part, I have a completely different perception of these managerial nonsense that is imposed on us and which always designate the opposite of what is happening.

As I often say, the more we talk about the fight against the “feeling” of insecurity, the more there is a rising insecurity, the more we fight against unemployment the more it rises, the more we fight against inequalities the more they increase. In short, all this is hogwash, and the more people talk to you about the head of happiness in your company, the more the social conditions in reality deteriorate. It is quite simple to have “happiness” in the company, it is enough not to over-press people, to give suitable working conditions and achievable objectives, finally, the one who does his job well should not come the ball in the stomach at work.

Putting on a foosball table, offering unlimited coffee and even fruit baskets as I can see in some ads, it’s charming, but it’s gimmicky at best, a little abject approach at worst …

When I read the Management dossier, I see in it the treasures of propaganda and indoctrination that companies manage to implement with the objective of using and enslaving themselves.

To manage is to train!

The English verb “to manage” derives from the Latin word maneggiare which means to turn a horse in a merry-go-round and from the French word Ménagère …

The English verb “to manage” derived both from the Italian verb “maneggiare” – itself derived from the Latin manus which means to control, to handle, to have in hand – and from the French word manège, in the sense of “to train a horse in the leader with the hand ”.

In other words, management is training! “

It is not a question of rejecting all that is “corporate”, it is on the other hand a question of realizing what companies impose on you, of the psychological mistreatment induced by the methods of “management” by the propaganda of company, by methods of indoctrination. By measuring things, by naming them, we see them. Seeing them we understand them. By understanding them we no longer endure them.

When we no longer suffer, then we free ourselves.

We free ourselves.

These corporate techniques are very similar to those used by policies and communication methods designed to “fabricate” consent.

In all cases, whether it is the citizen or the employee, the objective of all this is training, your training.

To free oneself is to refuse it.

Men are born to be free, not trained.

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourselves !