Haribo candy sales fell 7% in France

Sweets were also victims of the health crisis and in particular the German brand Haribo, which saw its sales in 2020 fall by 7% in France.

Haribo loses 7% of its sales.

It’s surprising, but the health crisis has had an impact on the sales of German confectioner Haribo. One would have thought that the sales of sweets would increase sharply during the crisis, the French in need of reassurance … but no! In 2020, Haribo recorded sales of 243 million euros in 2020, down 7% compared to 2019. As Jean-Philippe André, director of Haribo France explains in an interview with World .

The main reasons for this fall? Health restrictions and in particular those of gatherings and movements. “ We have lost the boxes that we take to the office or buy for children’s birthdays. We have also suffered from the drop in attendance at airports and train stations »Explains Jean-Philippe André.

Strawberry Tagada shunned

Sales in supermarkets, for their part, remained stable and made it possible to limit breakage. The year 2021 should be better. ” We will do better this year, but we will not yet find the level of 2019 Says Jean-Philippe André, who is counting on Haribo’s innovations. The company offers recyclable packaging and is also working on new low-sugar recipes, in particular for the timeless Crocodile candy.

One of the mysteries of this fall in sales remains the lack of interest among the French in the famous strawberry Tagada which is usually in the Top 3 of their favorite Haribo sweets, behind the Dragibus and the Dragibus soft. Chocolate could be the key to the answer, since unlike candy, its sales have increased.