Having a healthy dog: 9 tips and tricks

Adopting a dog is a responsible act. The owner undertakes to take care of his animal so that it stays in good health. He needs to take her to the vet two or three times a year so a checkup can be done, but taking care of your dog’s health isn’t just about these regular visits. Here are the 9 tips and tricks to adopt on a daily basis so that the doggie is in great shape for as long as possible.

Up-to-date vaccination

It is absolutely essential to ensure that your puppy is vaccinated and then, when it is an adult, to respect the vaccination booster dates. This point is to be done with the veterinarian who establishes a personalized vaccination schedule. Vaccinated, the dog is immune to many diseases and this also protects his congeners but also humans.

Regular treatment against parasites

Fleas, ticks, intestinal worms are all external or internal parasites from which it is necessary to protect your dog. Regularly, the animal must be able to be dewormed and at the same time, it is offered a flea collar. You should also check your coat regularly to make sure it has no ticks or fleas, and if it is infested, it is obviously essential to treat it as quickly as possible with lotions and other pest control products. . In addition, always having a tick remover on hand is very useful.

Sterilization highly recommended for dogs and bitches

Neutered dogs and neutered bitches are highly protected against many very serious illnesses. So don’t hesitate to have your doggie sterilized from an early age, as veterinarians advise.

A comfortable place to live

It is not absolutely necessary that the dog lives at home, which is the choice that many breeders make and it is quite respectable. But in this case, the dog must be able to have a local of his own, comfortable, clean, healthy and sheltered from the elements.

We opt for a structure that is easy to clean completely and disinfect. The indoor temperature must absolutely be constant throughout the year so that the animal does not suffer from extreme heat in summer and freezing temperatures in winter. It is necessary to think that its place of life is sheltered from the prevailing winds and does not take moisture. Good insulation, a wooden floor, a specific carpet, are all points to plan if you want to raise your dog outside of the dwelling.

Maintained healthy weight

In dogs, it’s like in humans: to each his own fitness weight. The owner must watch the growth of his puppy then, when he becomes an adult, he must continue to do everything to avoid overweightor even worse, theobesity. The fight against extra pounds in dogs involves choosing a quality diet that meets the specific needs of the doggie and maintaining physical activity on a daily basis.

A suitable diet

The dog needs to benefit fromnutritious and high quality food. He must be able to eat enough but not to excess. As soon as you welcome a puppy or an adult dog into the family, it is essential to ask the veterinarian for advice on the needs of his little companion according to his age, his sex, his lifestyle too. And let’s not forget that a pregnant or lactating bitch has very specific needs, just like an old doggie.

Water always available

Water should never be lacking in a dog to keep it healthy and care should be taken to ensure that it is always clean and fresh. No question of letting the water stagnate in a bowl that is never cleaned! The ideal is to leave a vending machine of the type water fountain which keeps this precious drink under cover and keeps it at the right temperature.

Good oral hygiene

If you do not take care of your dog’s teeth, it risks many health problems because bacteria can reach various organs. The master has the duty to brush the teeth of his little companion several times a week with a suitable toothbrush and a dog toothpaste only.

But in addition, monitoring is required in this area twice a year. The veterinarian performs a descaling, checks the good condition of the teeth and gums, and prescribes the necessary treatments as soon as necessary. Good oral hygiene also allows the dog not to lose his teeth early.

Daily physical activity

Movement is absolutely crucial for a dog to stay healthy. Physical activity protects the animal against obesity but not only. Many diseases can be avoided if the owner offers his animal the possibility of work out every day. Long walks in nature, the Agility course, dog cross are all possible solutions allowing your dog to be active. It is just as fundamental for the mental health of the doggie. Do not hesitate to integrate the game into the daily schedule. Everything is good to get your dog moving and share beautiful moments of complicity with him.

Finally, you should know that a happy dog ​​is more likely to stay healthy. His master must therefore be benevolent towards him and give him affection.