Headboard: how to choose it?

The bed is probably the most important piece of furniture in our home. We spend most of our time there. It is the place where we rest, where we release the tensions of everyday life and where we dream. In order to create an atmosphere that is as conducive as possible to this relaxation and relaxation, everything must be done. And the reflection around your headboard is part of that optimal arrangement that you need to find. Here are some tips for personalizing your bedroom by working on your headboard.

1 – Choose a natural material

Headboards made from natural materials are very popular today. How about choosing wood? An elegant wooden wall can make a wonderful headboard. It all depends on the gasoline you choose. You can keep a headboard very simple but can consider working your wood and in this way obtaining very refined and very subtle decorative patterns. To be a little less conventional, you can also consider a green wall as a headboard. Does that sound crazy to you? However, it is quite possible and would have the other advantage of creating an even more soothing atmosphere because of the nature brought back into your interior. In the same vein, you have the option of installing a stone wall behind your bed. It is both very beautiful and very impressive.

2 – be creative

Are you someone particularly creative or simply a great vintage lover? In any case, do you like unique atmospheres and think outside the box when it comes to decoration? Why not search for ornate old doors to turn them into a headboard?

Of course, if you want to be creative, you have to consider staying in a certain harmony. Your new headboard should still fit in appropriately with your bedroom.

If you are feeling like a handyman and want to make a headboard yourself, there are plenty of options available to you. There are many tutorials on the Internet. When it comes to wood, you can turn to pallet wood or wooden wine crates or old salvaged shutters. More simply, you can repaint a large wooden plank or leave it raw. Decorate it with a light garland and you have a unique, personalized and homemade headboard. If you’re by the sea, there’s nothing to stop you from picking up a large driftwood branch and hanging seashell garlands on it. Or else to collect a lot of pieces of driftwood and assemble them vertically to make a very original headboard.

Upholstered headboards are sometimes sold very expensive and yet they are very simple to make. For a lovely late morning, if you have a little time and the desire to save, then get started! Again, be creative: you don’t have foam? Perhaps you have an old garden chair that you no longer use? How about using his mousse?

3 – Embrace functionality with a shelf

Do you live in a small apartment where every square inch is important? So rather than a headboard, you can perhaps integrate a storage area at the head of your bed? Attach shelves or even a small piece of furniture to your wall, on either side of your bed. Alternatively you can also put a long shelf above the area where your head rests. Depending on your preferences, you can place books, plants, photos or even decorative elements there. If you don’t want to have it directly above you, you can of course also install it on the side of your bed!

4 – reinterpret your current headboard

Does your bed already have a headboard and you want to give it a boost? What if you just worked on the wall behind that headboard? With a strip of wallpaper or a little paint, you can recreate a new atmosphere. Everything is possible when it comes to combinations of patterns, colors, etc. Use your wall as a blank backdrop! You can even overflow a bit on the ceiling to make the decoration even more graphic and trendy. Why not include large strips of wallpaper or wall stickers representing positive images?

5 – make sure you choose the right lighting

Whether you already have a headboard or are thinking of treating yourself or making a new one, know that the right lighting creates the right atmosphere in your bedroom. You can integrate indirect lighting into your headboard. The lights can also come from ceiling or pendant lights or simply from spotlights to be fixed just above your bed. For those of you who love romance, canopy beds also sometimes have built-in lights which are perfect. Also think about it for a child’s room because this way you can create a fairytale atmosphere!

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