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The Health Pass, in France, will be severely limited in its use and, above all, with regard to the establishments that may require it. Cédric O, Secretary of State for Digital, insisted on dotting the “i” after the announcement of Club Med to impose it on its customers. He just won’t be able to.

Health pass: very controlled use in France

While for some the Health Pass will prevent the French from living normally… this will not be the case. The Parisian, in an article published on May 24, 2021, specifies the strict conditions under which it will be used on French territory.

This certificate, which allows to say that the person is protected against Covid-19 or that he is not a carrier of the virus, Indeed, can only be imposed to access establishments open to the public or gatherings when there are more than 1,000 people.

The Parisian specifies as follows: “ it will be required to access theaters, performance halls, open-air festivals (seated or standing) or any other event “when it is specifically located (balls organized by local authorities, etc.)” “.

Hotels, campsites … no health pass for the holidays

If the list is now known, it allows above all to say where the sanitary pass cannot be requested: to access hotels, campsites and all resorts such as thermal baths. And it is not that it is possible not to ask for it, it is forbidden to do so. For those who hoped to be able to leave with complete reassurance that their roommate or caravan neighbor does not have the Covid-19, it’s a failure.

Because Cédric O wanted to be very clear, responding to the Club Med group which, to reassure its customers, announced that the health pass was going to be compulsory to access its holiday villages: “ it cannot be requested to enter French Club Med hotels. If the company wishes to deploy it abroad, this is its responsibility and depends on the countries where its establishments are located. On French territory, the limits set by the law are extremely clear. They must be respected », Declared the Secretary of State in the columns of the Parisian.