Here’s how you can become a millionaire, and it’s no joke! – EconomyMorning

Today, I’m going to tell you how to become a millionaire with little or no money.

A collection of original items can make you big

You just need to become a collector of something original, but not necessarily rare. The value of your collection will come from your ability to constitute the largest in France, Europe, or the world. Someday there will almost certainly be someone crazy enough to buy it back from you.

Of course, you say to yourself, it is April 1st, Jean-Baptiste Giraud is playing a joke on us. And yet: there are indeed collectors of cigar rings: they are called viltophilists.

The matchbox collectors are the philumenists. Those of champagne capsules are the placomusophiles and those of beer bottle caps, hold on tight, cervacapsulophiles!

Be careful not to go into debt and to note its value

You can collect old papers, old tools, old toys, in short, everything! The important thing is to take care of it, and to create value by knowing the history of each piece in your collection.

Be careful, however, of the trap of sacrificing everything for your collection. Including, therefore, to spend without counting, even to go into debt.

Last thing : remember to provide instructions for use with your collection : if one of your children recovers it one day, he must know what he is inheriting, to prevent him from selling it, damaging it, or throwing it away. It’s been seen more than once, and it’s not a joke.