Hole in the plasterboard, how to seal it?

There are many reasons for a hole in a partition in your place of residence. But regardless, the main thing is that you have to know how to reseal it without further delay if you have to leave your rented accommodation. Fortunately, this task is easy to perform.

Make sure you have paper mache, filler, a craft knife, different sized spatulas, a sponge, and fine-grit sandpaper on hand. Start by clearing the area around the affected partition and then spread a tarp or old newspaper on the floor. Regardless of the size of the hole, the first thing to do is to clean the edges with a sponge slightly dampened in lukewarm water. This operation will also allow good adhesion of the plaster later.

If parts of the hole are torn, gently cut them out with your craft knife. Prepare the plaster and dip in paper mache proportional to the size of the empty surface to be filled. With your hand, slide the resulting dough into the slot, until you fill the hole. In case the hole is tiny, a scrap of iron wool will be enough to plug it.

Camouflage of the area

This step remains delicate all the same since if the coating is not very well laid, the result risks being unsightly and unsightly. The trick? Even if it means repeating the gesture many times, do not hesitate to apply several layers of plaster to obtain a uniform plaster. And it is usually the small plaster knives that are used for the first coats, if not the medium sizes for the last ones.

Also, don’t forget to get rid of the excess plaster on the spatula after each pass by wiping it off with a damp cloth. Observe a drying time of at least one hour before you start sanding. Moreover, prefer pink colored coatings. These change to white when dry. Sand the plaster gently with the sandpaper until you get a smooth surface. Alternatively, instead of sandpaper, you can also use a sanding block. Put a mask on your nose and mouth to protect your face.

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