Holidays: Covid test abroad, Covid test not reimbursed

The Covid tests are very expensive for the Health Insurance: 100 million euros per week according to the director general of the CNAM (Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie), Thomas Fatôme. For the government, there is no question of further increasing the bill by reimbursing the Covid tests carried out by the French abroad. Especially since it could convince them to prefer France to other countries …

Olivier Véran warns: no reimbursement for foreign tests

French people who wish to go on vacation abroad during the summer of 2021 are warned: they will have to budget for the Covid-19 screening tests necessary to return. This is the warning issued in The Parisian, Thursday June 17, 2021, by Olivier Véran, Minister of Health: “ PCR and antigenic tests carried out by French people wishing to return to France will not be covered by Health Insurance “.

The Minister explains this decision by an administrative impossibility to be reimbursed for these tests. A decision which follows, in reality, the rule concerning medical tests in general: of these, only urgent and unforeseen ones can be reimbursed by Health Insurance, and moreover not in full. 27% of the expenditure, and within the limit of 35 euros.

And this also applies within the European Union since the tests to get on a plane, for example, are only administrative in nature.

Tests abroad … it can be very expensive

For travel within and outside the EU, therefore, the holiday budget will have to take into account the tests necessary to enter French territory… and that can quickly add up. In the UK, for example, prices are between 180 and 250 euros and even reach 347 euros in Japan. For a family of 4, it is therefore nearly 1,000 euros of tests that will have to be paid without being able to be reimbursed.

What, perhaps, lead the French to review their plans and prefer a closer destination, within the European Union or even on French territory.