Home loan insurance without medical examination: is it possible?

When it comes to mortgage loans, banks require guarantees to finance your housing project. Mortgage loan insurance, also called borrower insurance, is essential to obtain your mortgage.

But, is it possible to take out mortgage insurance without a medical examination? The answer by reading this article …

The medical questionnaire, an essential step for borrower insurance

Whichever insurer you choose, the bank that grants your credit or delegated insurance, you will not cut to the medical questionnaire. Remember, borrower insurance aims to take charge of your mortgage loan maturities in the event of disability or death.

Knowing your state of health is therefore essential and allows the insurer to take the measure of the risk it must cover. Depending on your answers, it can offer you personalized pricing that is truly adapted to your particular case …

The medical questionnaire is a fairly simple document to complete, it may differ slightly depending on the insurer, but has a common goal: to draw up a brief picture of your state of health. Thus, the questions asked are often the same. Here are a few to give you an overview:

  • What is your age ? Your gender? Your weight ? Your size ?
  • What is your medical history for the past 10 years: work stoppages, medical treatments, cancer, cardiovascular disorders, etc. ?
  • Do you have a disability?

The answers are usually yes or no, and a short written clarification may be necessary in some cases. At the end of this medical questionnaire, several options are possible:

  • The risk is accepted by the insurer and you can subscribe to mortgage insurance without additional premium.
  • The insurer just needs clarification on a particular point and asks you for a medical report or a certificate from your attending physician
  • Your state of health requires further investigation and the insurer asks you to carry out medical examinations

Good to know : the answers and documents provided to the insurer are subject to medical confidentiality; they cannot be used by the insurer for any reason other than determining the risk.

When to undergo a medical exam to get mortgage loan insurance?

Except in the event that your state of health, following the sending of your medical questionnaire, requires additional medical examinations, the examinations may be imposed on you simply because of the risk, considered important even if you are in healthy.

Thus, even in the absence of a medical history, you will have to undergo additional examinations at the discretion of the insurer. Not all of them demand it systematically and it depends on the risk management decided by the company.

Nevertheless, here are the most frequent cases to justify medical examinations:

  • The amount of real estate : the higher the mortgage requested, the greater the repayments of the borrower insurance can be, beyond 200,000 euros, a medical examination is often requested
  • The mortgage term : if you are 40 and take a 30-year mortgage, this brings your age to 70 at the end of the loan, so you may be asked for a thorough medical examination
  • Theage of borrower : the levels of 45 years and 65 years are often encountered in borrower insurance, so if you have reached one of these two ages when you make a loan, it is likely that additional medical examinations will be requested

As you will have understood, medical examinations will hardly ever be required of you if you are young, have no medical history and borrow an amount not exceeding 150,000 euros.

Good to know : never lie to insure yourself more easily or more quickly, because you risk the nullity of the contract while the sums paid will be acquired by the insurer.

What are the consequences of the medical examination on borrower insurance?

Depending on the situation and the results of medical examinations, the insurer may:

  • Accept the risk without additional premium if your state of health is satisfactory
  • Accept the risk with an additional premium
  • Accept the risk partially by refusing certain guarantees
  • Refuse the risk

Know that the refusal of borrower insurance is completely legal. Very often, if several insurers refuse you, it is because you have a so-called aggravated health risk, due to an ALD (Long Term Affection) or to an MDPH recognition.

Good to know : in the most complicated cases, do not hesitate to contact your banker and talk to him about the AERAS agreement, signed between the State, banks, insurers and user associations to allow access to the loan insurance despite medical history.

Home loan insurance without a medical exam: compare before you buy

Has your insurer or your banking institution given you an agreement in principle for your borrower insurance, without additional medical examination? Now is the perfect time to compare mortgage insurance offers!

By using an online simulator, you will have access in a few clicks to the best borrower insurance without commitment. Know that you can save several thousand dollars over the life of your loan simply by playing the competition.

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