Home school: Blanquer accuses OVH for bugs … completely wrong

The first day of the Confinement 3 distance learning course did not go as the government would have hoped: the bugs on the ENTs (Digital Work Spaces) were numerous and caused problems all over France. Jean-Michel Blanquer explained this quack by a computer attack and problems at OVH … but the latter formally denies.

Jean-Michel Blanquer accuses OVH of ENT bugs

Criticized for what looks like a lack of anticipation concerning distance school, the Minister of Education defended himself on April 6, 2021. He explained that certain problems “ depend on a private operator who had a fire in Strasbourg some time ago and who could not cope with the influx of connections this morning “. Without naming him, Jean-Michel Blanquer is referring here to the French cloud leader, OVH, one of whose datacenters burned down in March 2021, effectively causing many problems on the French web.

But the host did not seem to appreciate being wrongly accused, or playing the scapegoat for National Education. Michel Paulin, CEO of OVH, denied the minister’s words from April 6 in the afternoon, declaring on Twitter ” OVHcloud is not responsible for the malfunctions of certain distance education services “,” The Strasbourg fire has no connection with them “And” Affected ENT regions and unavailable applications are not hosted at Ovhcloud!

A DDoS attack against services?

Another explanation put forward by the government for the bugs on the ENTs that caused problems for the students: a denial of service (DDoS) attack targeting the “My Class at Home” platform. An attack that would be of foreign origin, according to the government.

However, here too OVH cannot be accused: the service is hosted by the world leader in the cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud branch of the giant Amazon.