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To eat healthier, it is advisable to read the labels carefully and buy products stamped organic or with a label. Problem, according to the NGO Foodwatch, some manufacturers traffic food and the consumer does not eat what he thinks he is eating. Rotten tuna, honey without bees, olive oil without olive, piquette transformed into Pomerol… An investigation that gives you nausea.

Rotten tuna, olive oil without olive, honey without bees

Eat Tricatel as in Wing or thigh Does that mean nothing to you and you prefer to avoid junk food by buying quality products? Well, imagine that it is not necessarily better. According to a survey by the NGO Foodwatch, the results of which can be found in the book Eat fake for real, food frauds are very numerous.

In France, one in two spices is fraudulent. 43% of our honeys have composition and quality defects, are falsely labeled French; some have never seen the shadow of a beehive as they are chemically adulterated. Languedoc wines are fraudulently renamed Pomerol, Margaux or Saint-Julien. One in twelve organic products tested in France is not as organic as it claims »We read in a press release. Worse, you can also find olive oil without olive, label rouge chicken that is not free-range, rotten tuna and even horse meat stuffed with antibiotics.

Food trafficking, ” a boon to launder money “.

This investigation is nauseating and denounces the lack of transparency of the companies which have been caught in default. However, they do not risk being pinched all the more ” thatwith the Covid-19 epidemic, this does not get better, the control authorities being focused on other priorities in connection with the health crisis “. Particularly profitable, this food traffic would be, according to Foodwatch, “ a boon to launder money “.

Foodwatch believes that “ this lack of transparency on food fraud is deleterious and pinpointed by many experts, including the Court of Auditors, and even the Court of Justice of the European Union. Because this opacity fuels a climate of impunity which encourages fraudsters as much as it fuels consumer mistrust. “. This is why the NGO calls for more controls, dissuasive sanctions, and more transparency on the part of manufacturers. She also launched an online petition and a communication campaign to sound the alarm bells.