Hot legal battle in the US suing Google for market manipulation

Google logo in a building in New York, USA. (Photo: AFP / VNA)

California will join the US Government and 11 other states suing Google with exclusive allegations and market manipulation.

On December 12, State Attorney General Xavier Becerra declared that Google’s market dominance left consumers and small businesses with little choice when using Internet search engines. By using agreements to dominate the market, Google has suppressed competition and manipulated the advertising market.

Previously, last October, the US Government officially sued Google technology corporation in an antitrust lawsuit that is considered to be the largest in recent decades. According to the indictment of the court, there are 11 states in the US (including Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina and Texas) participated in this lawsuit.

The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times reported that the US Justice Department accused Google, based in California, of acting in an illegal monopoly in order to protect its unique position in the field of search and advertising on the Internet.

According to the above reports, Google was accused of violating the law when it used its market power to deflect competitors, in particular violating the law in its treatment of competitors in advertising business. as well as Internet search engines, which seek to disadvantage competitors to their search engines in the upper hand and use their market power to sell more advertisements.

In previous months, the US authorities conducted antitrust investigations at the state and federal level to assess the power of this technology “giant”.

In addition, US officials have also conducted similar investigations with the activities of other large corporations such as Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

The lawsuit is supposed to last for many years and it is not clear what the US Government will seek a solution to this lawsuit. However, the lawsuit could force Google to change the way of doing business or to disrupt the market segments of this “empire”.

In a related development, on December 9, federal and state antitrust agencies in the US sued Facebook with accusations that the social network abused its dominance to keep monopoly, and sought to reverse the agreement’s Facebook purchasing apps and Instagram messages WhatsApp.

The two apps are becoming increasingly important in Facebook’s business model and integrated into its technology.

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