Housekeeping: 9 Cleaning Mistakes You Should Never Make!

Cleaning and housework are not among your favorite activities? Yet they must be done sooner or later. Here are the 9 most common mistakes and how to avoid them

1 – Use the wrong cleaning products

There are many maintenance products available depending on the task at hand. You must therefore be careful not to use the wrong cleaning products for the wrong purposes. It can easily damage your surfaces. For example, especially with a ceramic hob, on a sink and other delicate surfaces, too harsh cleaners should not be used. And the sponge or cloth you use should be soft. Otherwise, you run the risk of scratching the surface or using overly abrasive cleaners that will attack your paint. In case of heavy soiling, you can lather with water and leave to soak – the dirt can then be removed more easily and gently. How you wipe is also important: to get to all germs and dirt when cleaning and not just smear them, it is best to wipe the surface with a gesture that follows the shape of an S or d. ‘a Z.

2 – Be disorganized in the course of the household

A common housekeeping mistake is to start out in the wrong order and without thinking. Not very motivated, you start vacuuming and then dusting – but wait! Because the dust from the furniture falls to the floor and you are good to vacuum again. Just like when cleaning your bathroom, it’s also important to clean from top to bottom. Likewise, when doing chores like hanging out laundry or making beds, think about when you are doing them. List these chores higher on the to-do list and don’t vacuum once they’re done.

3 – forgetting to clean certain elements

Phones, remotes, trash cans, light switches and doorknobs, refrigerators and rugs are often overlooked when cleaning. However, these are important elements that are often touched or trampled on. Germs and bacteria survive for up to 72 hours on these surfaces, which is especially devastating during the cold season. So clean these places and objects regularly. You can even use alcohol every now and then. Take a cotton ball and soak it. You can then wipe down the affected areas. Your trash can also need to be cleaned thoroughly from time to time, which helps prevent bad odors coming from the bottom of the container. Just rinse and scrub thoroughly with water and dish soap, then let dry. It’s the same with the refrigerator: food scraps or food residues accumulate from time to time and must therefore be removed.

4 – think about the splashback and wall tiles

Do you often leave aside the wall tiles and the splashback? However, dirt and germs accumulate there just like on other surfaces. Fats and germs from cooking settle on wall tiles and kitchen backsplash. In the bathroom, too, the tiles are attacked by cosmetics, hair spray and dust. It is therefore necessary to wipe them regularly so that they remain clean and for a long time.

5 – Maintain rags and sponges

Another common mistake is to simply rinse rags and sponges after cleaning, instead of cleaning them properly for optimal reuse the next time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with reusing, especially when considering the environment. However, you need to make sure that the rags and sponges are clean after you do the housework. Just put them in the washing machine. This way you also make sure that all bacteria are removed and you can hygienically start over on your next household marathon.

6 – Do not ventilate

Before starting to clean your home, the most common and recommended thing is to ventilate it well in order to renew the air. Open the windows wide. Take off your sofa covers and bed sheets and give them a shake. It may seem trivial, but to ventilate properly it is essential to remove blankets and sheets. The same goes for wardrobes. They must be left open during the ventilation time to prevent odors and mites from accumulating. Once everything is well ventilated, you can continue with the housework, such as changing sheets or blankets.

7 – Apply the cleaner to the cloth rather than to the furniture

To clean furniture, do you apply your cleaning product directly to the surface of your furniture? This is a mistake, because the best thing to do is to dampen a cloth or wipe with that specific cleaning product. With a damp cloth, the cleaning is done in a much more optimal way, both for the use of the cleaning product and for the maintenance of the surface of the furniture.

8 – Incorrectly loading the dishwasher

The dishwasher is one of the most used and useful household appliances. Its large storage capacity for dirty dishes and utensils makes it the star cleaning product. However, one of the most common mistakes is placing large pots and pans in the bottom load of the dishwasher. It is therefore impossible to optimally clean the glasses and kitchen utensils located in the upper part of the dishwasher. For this reason, it is always best to clean large pots by hand or to activate a wash program for pots and other such utensils. This way, all the items you put in the dishwasher will be perfectly washed.

9 – Clean the windows at the right time

Many people clean their windows on sunny days. The reason is that they think it will dry surfaces faster and make them look better, but nothing is further from the truth. The best time to clean these surfaces is early in the morning or in the evening. This will prevent the product from drying out and the glass from becoming dull or foggy. This is what happens if direct sunlight hits the glass.