How do I know if my cat is sad and unhappy?

An attentive owner can quickly realize that his cat is not well in his pads. Extremely sensitive, the little feline can very quickly display a kind of Blues which is obvious. Certain signs can quickly indicate that a cat is sad. Let’s take a closer look.

My cat no longer grooms

It’s a sign very revealing sadness in a cat, or even of stress. Usually, the toilet takes up a third of its time. If he seems to be neglecting himself, it can be really worrying. We recommend that you give your cat more time, in these conditions, by talking to him, by cuddling him, in order to show him that he means a lot to his master.

We can take the opportunity to brush it in order to eliminate dead hairs since he no longer does it himself, and rid his fur of dust. It is also a good way to check that it has no parasites. If after a few days the cat continues not to wash, it is better to consult.

My cat sleeps more than before

It’s a bit as if the kitty took refuge in sleep. Admittedly, in normal times, an adult cat sleeps at least fifteen hours divided between day and night. But if he no longer leaves his basket, something is wrong. To ensure that he is not sick, it is essential to solicit it through play. Sharing a fun activity with your cat can really help them get out of their torpor. His sadness may simply be due to boredom.

My cat takes refuge in a hiding place

A bit as if he didn’t want to no longer see anyone, the cat who suffers from sadness seeks to protect himself because this discomfort leads to a feeling of fear. Also he isolates himself to escape the hugs of his masters and seems to sulk any type of activity. It is important to reassure him by talking to him and stroking him.

My cat self-harms

In general, self-harm in a cat is a sign that the animal is in permanent state of anxiety. It manifests itself in an attitude that may seem strange: the cat is pulling its hair. In this case, it is essential to consult the veterinarian as soon as possible. A small check of his state of health is necessary.

If he has no parasites or any disease, it is because self-harm is indeed due to stress. The cause must be determined in order to remedy it. A cat can pull out its hair very well because it is sad to be alone all day or because something has changed in his environment.

My cat no longer feeds

Sadness can lead to loss of appetite in cats. We must react quickly because after 36 hours of diet, the anima can get sick. If we notice that he hasn’t eaten anything all day, we can try to hand him the croquettes he prefers, or chicken breast, a small piece of salmon or a meatball. ground beef. If he refuses even this type of food when he usually throws himself on it, it is because his unhappiness is extreme. A visit to the veterinarian is necessary to verify that the cat is not sick.

My cat is getting aggressive

Fortunately, this is not always the case, but a sad cat can show suddenly aggressive with his master. He seems to want to make her understand this way thathe wants us to leave him in peace, besides, he is totally disinterested in everything around him when that is not his habit.

This is a situation that should not be allowed to continue because the cat can end up being dangerous, especially with the children. It is therefore necessary to be attentive to this sign of unhappiness and identify its cause in order to remedy it as quickly as possible.

My cat is getting messy

When the kitty suddenly starts to deliberately do his needs outside the litter box (kitchen, hallway, living room, bedroom …), it is because he is trying in this way to Send a message. He is maybe angry because his master recently forbade him access to the room of the new child of the family for example … But this attitude can also make suspect a state of depression because of a great sadness, especially if the cat feels put to the rebu.

It’s quite common in a twink suddenly forsaken or who is disturbed by a big change in habits. This is why it is better to avoid moving your bowl, litter or basket. But it is more difficult to avoid uncleanliness in a cat who is sad after a move. Fortunately, with the patient, everything can be sorted out.

Any sudden behavior change must be taken seriously. The cat can indeed suffer seriously when something changes in its daily life. This is how he becomes sad, and sometimes very seriously. If despite all the good will, his master does not manage to get his cat out of the melancholy, it is absolutely necessary to talk to the veterinary because the cat can fall into depression.