How do I maintain my dog’s claws?

Among the many cares to be given to your dog, the clipping of the claws must be done with great regularity. Let’s see why it is necessary and how often this maintenance is necessary. Let’s also take stock of the different accessories for trimming canine claws and what is the best method to follow so as not to risk injuring the animal by a too generous cut.

Why do you need to maintain a dog’s claws?

A dog must benefit from specific care, in particular at the level of its claws whose growth East keep on going throughout the life of the animal. This is useful to prevent him from damaging his master’s clothes by jumping or damaging the covering of the sofa when he sits there for example. Because even if the dog does not scratch (unlike the cat), it can cause some damage when they are too long, especially since with him, they are not retractable.

But there is more serious: in the absence of maintenance, the claws of the dog can break or worse, s’snatch, which causes pain and exposes the animal to the risk of infection.

When should the dog’s claws be cut?

We recommend maintenance of the claws every 5 to 6 weeks on average. In some dogs, however, this can be achieved more frequently, especially if they go out little. Indeed, a dog who spends himself outside walks the sidewalks and other hard floors on a daily basis. This is why active urban dogs generally have shorter claws than their sedentary counterparts. The latter spending their time in their basket are unlikely to eliminate their claws naturally. They therefore grow faster than they wear out.

To spot when to give your pooch a manicure, just take a look at his paws when he’s standing. If its claws touch the groundis that they must be cut. Moreover, when the dog makes noise while moving, it is high time to take care of it.

What accessory should you use to cut a dog’s claws?

It is necessary to use a suitable accessory and reserved only for the care of the claws of the dog, namely the nail clippers for canines. This accessory is available in different categories, namely:

  • The classic nail clippers : it is a model that could not be simpler and more particularly suitable for small breed dogs. It is recommended to buy a model with stopper because it limits the risk of cutting too short. We can therefore opt for a professional model equipped with a safety closure. Its price is between 6 and 12 € depending on the brand or distributor.
  • The guillotine nail clippers : it is also called guillotine nail clippers. Contrary to what its name suggests, it is not a torture device at all! This accessory has a single sharp blade, ideal for thick claws. It costs between 10 and 15 €.
  • The claw scissors : They are more suitable for small dogs if their claws are not extremely hard. They allow a precise cut and are comfortable to use. They cost less than 10 €.
  • The electric grinder or electric nail file : it is an ideal device for puppies with crumbly or tender claws and fragile skin. It is a kind of grinder which perfectly files the claws. After a session, they are therefore very smooth. The average price is around 35 €.

Whatever the model chosen, we opt for blades in stainless steel that cut perfectly. Plastic should be banned because it is not solid. Some of these accessories are available in different sizes to suit the dog’s build.

How to safely cut your dog’s claws?

It is not complicated, but it is essential to show yourself delicate so as not to hurt his little companion. This is why puppy owners are advised to start as early as possible. It is difficult to cut the claws of an adult dog without risking injuring it if it has not been used to this type of maintenance because it is very likely to wriggle in all directions. Worse, if he has a bad temper or is somewhat aggressive, his master may be reminded to order by a bite. Better be two if the dog is nervous.

The procedure is the following :

  • Hold the foot firmly with one hand,
  • Cut only the end of each claw. Above all, stop 2 mm before the pink line. it’s about the pulp. It is traversed by blood vessels and a nerve. Cutting too far could therefore hurt the dog very much and lead to bleeding. You must be particularly vigilant if the dog has black claws because the pulp is not very visible.

It is necessary that keep the dog lying down in order to easily cut the rear paw claws. Finally, when the session is over, do not forget to congratulate your animal by giving it a small treat and stroking it.

If you are afraid of hurting your little companion, do not hesitate to take him to a groomer. This professional is specialized in claw cutting and has all the necessary equipment. A session costs between 6 and 12 €. Note that the veterinary can also take on this task. We can therefore take advantage of the visit to examine the dog, just to see if everything is going well.

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