How do you approach social media safety with your teens? – EconomyMorning

If you’re a parent of teenagers and concerned about their safety on social media, here are some things to watch out for.

If you are a parent of young adults or teenagers, you may already be wondering how best to approach the use of social media with your children. The first step is to make all family members aware of the risks arising from social networks. We can group in three categories the risks to which young people are particularly susceptible to be confronted on social media.

1 – Scams:

Cybercriminals also target younger people in order to obtain their personal information. Some scammers target teenagers, with the prospect of financial gain. Other cybercriminals can use phishing to obtain personal information about victims, for example, their Instagram credentials. Popular posts and online quizzes can also allow malicious hackers to obtain account recovery information from many users. Finally, some cybercriminals copy a person’s information, such as their name, city, photos, and public friend list, and create a new profile pretending to be that person. Thus, they can get more personal information from friends of it.

2 – The lure of children:

The use of fake profiles is also a preferred method used by cyber predators. He can pretend to be another young person or a photographer. Subsequently, the criminal uses the bond of trust established to encourage them to provide him with images of a sexual nature or to meet him physically. Surprisingly, according to a study, only 5% of cyber predators claim to be themselves minors with their victims. As in the physical mode, young people should be reminded here to beware of the risks associated with trusting unfamiliar people.

3 – Cyberbullying:

Cyberbullying is an umbrella term for a collection of types of online abuse. These include, but are not limited to, harassment, intimidation, attacks on reputation, sextortion and pornographic revenge. Unfortunately, this is a very widespread threat. Approximately, the half of young people have reportedly been victims of cyberbullying in one form or another, and between 10% and 20% of them suffer from it regularly.

After reading this, you might want to put all of your family’s tablets, phones, and computers in a safe. But rest assured; you have several tools to help your kids stay safe on social media. First of all, by talking frankly with them. Find out about the platforms they use, and what activities they do there.