How high should you mount your television on the wall?

There is no ideal height at which to mount your television on the wall. Televisions vary in size and each has its preferred posture in front of the screen. To determine the ideal height for your television, the logic would be to start with the height of your gaze. If you are sitting on a sofa while watching TV, then make sure the screen is at least at eye level. The important thing is also to determine how far you have to position yourself.

It all depends on the bracket you use to mount your television on the wall. There are plenty of mounts out there, some with swivel articulated arms, so even if you live in a small space you will still have a solution to determining both the optimum height and distance to get the best view possible. And then if you want to recreate the atmosphere of the cinema at home, equip yourself with a giant flat screen of incredible definition and hang it at the right height and the right distance. Because in the cinema, the public is always seated at a sufficient distance from the screen to finally have the best view of the whole image.

What you need to pay attention to to simply mount your TV on the wall

Hanging your TV on the wall is now quick and easy, especially since you have a choice of wall mounts. This means that even if you live in a small apartment, you must be able to find the solution that will ensure that your TV does not take up all the space or get in your way when it is turned off. It’s up to you to find the equipment and accessories that suit you. Then enjoy reading the manual! You can also pay close attention to the color of the wall supporting your television. Depending on the shade, you can play the warm card. What to spend beautiful evenings relaxed in front of your television. Hence the importance of determining the correct height. Because if your screen is too low or too high on the wall, it can be quite annoying in the long run.

How high should you hang your TV on the wall?

Don’t feel like drilling lots of holes in your wall unnecessarily? So anticipate and measure the height that is convenient for you in advance. This depends on the one hand on the size of the diagonal of the screen, but also on the height of the seat on which you sit to watch television. Test in advance. Sit on your sofa to see how high you can best see the entire TV picture – without being exposed to poor light or sitting in an awkward posture. If your household has multiple members, each member should have a say in how high the TV is mounted to the wall. Ideally, you have the center of the screen at eye level. This means you don’t have to crunch your neck while watching TV and can sit completely relaxed on your sofa. You can also reason this way: place the top third of your screen above eye level and the remaining two-thirds below. If, for example, your screen is 90 centimeters high, place 30 centimeters above your gaze and 60 centimeters below. Obviously, it is not a few inches more or less that will cause you back pain. Conversely, if you place your TV significantly higher or lower, you risk creating long-term discomfort and pain.

Likewise, the distance between the television and you is very important. If you want to make the most of it, try to optimize this distance. It mainly depends on the size of your screen. Traditionally, it is its diagonal that is taken as a reference. If your television has a high definition, we generally multiply this diagonal by 2.5 to have the distance to respect. Knowing that in normal times, the TV diagonals are expressed in inches, you must first multiply by 2.5 to get the distance in centimeters. In other words, if your television is 42 inches – the measurement is usually indicated on the box and on the instructions – it means that your screen measures 115 cm. You must then place yourself at 2.8 meters from it if you want to benefit from it in the most optimal way. This value also applies to within a few centimeters.

Pay attention to the quality of the wall on which to hang your television

Depending on the device you choose, its weight is not the same. It is essential that your wall can accommodate a bracket and a TV the weight of yours. Double check this in the description of the product you are about to purchase. Because the wall load capacity of a wall is not the same for everyone.

Some walls are particularly thin. Special screws, hooks or nails are recommended for this. If your television is particularly heavy, it may be necessary to reinforce your partition to ensure an ideal load capacity. Also check if your wall is not too porous. In short, before hanging up your television, it is essential to find out in advance about the structure of your building and the nature of your wall. You have the right dowels and screws to install once! Because it’s too boring to repeat the same manipulation several times because you missed your first installation.

Easily mount your TV on the wall

Basically, installing a TV wall mount is quick and easy and can be done both by DIY enthusiasts and by experts. Hanging a TV on the wall does not require complex prior knowledge. However, some important precautions and information should be obtained beforehand. Before mounting your television, have everyone sit in their usual place when looking at the screen and adjust the height as it may vary slightly as a result.