How long to run the filtration of your swimming pool per day?

To be able to bathe in a clean water and so healthy, it is necessary to activate the filtration system of your swimming pool. However, it is not useful for it to run continuously, with rare exceptions. In fact, filtration time depends on several factors which we’ll cover here after reviewing the usefulness of filtering.

Filtration of a swimming pool: what is it for?

Filtering your pool keeps the water clean. It is essential to be able to bathe in all serenity. Well filtered, the water is free of all impurities, and therefore does not risk causing problems in terms of hygiene.

Filtration is essential for renew pond water with regularity. The pump conveys the water to the filter, then returns it to the basin once it is completely free of dirt, insects, bacteria, fungi, algae … The filtration system also prevents the water stagnates and promotes the diffusion of treating products.

What influences the filtration time of a swimming pool?

Different factors must be taken into account to determine the filtration time of your pool. It’s about :

  • The temperature of the water,
  • Of the season,
  • The number of bathers,
  • The time of use of the pool,
  • Brightness.

All of these factors can increase the level of water pollution and promote the growth of bacteria and other organisms. So for example, in summer, the water is very hot, the very bright light promotes photosynthesis, and the swimming pool is rather well frequented and the swimming sessions are prolonged. In winter, the water temperature is below 12 ° C, the light is low, no one is using the swimming pool. In the first case, the filtration system must be activated very frequently, in the second case, we filter sparingly especially when we opt for an active wintering of the pool.

As we have seen, it is during the day that the light is omnipresent and the heat the strongest, which causes the proliferation of microorganisms. This is why there is no point in filtering during the night period when it is during the day that you have to run the filtration. It remains to be seen for how long.

Activate the filtration of your swimming pool: know how to determine the ideal duration

For water at less than 15 ° C, we simply filter for 60 minutes in the morning and as much in the evening. Between 16 and 24 ° C, the necessary filtration time is 8 hours. Above 24 ° C, professionals recommend divide the water temperature by 2 in order to know for how many hours to run this system.

For example, if the pool water is at 26 ° C, it is filtered for 13 hours. If it is at 22 ° C, 11 hours of filtration is sufficient. Please note, these times must take place in several complete cycles to be spread over the day. Thus, 3 cycles for 13 hours of filtration or 2 to 3 cycles for 11 hours.

This is valid for a swimming pool used by one or two people. Because we must also take into account the frequentation of the basin since the more it increases, the more water pollution rate is important. This is why we must filter for 24 hours non-stop as long as 6 or more bathers use the pool at the same time for at least 60 minutes.

In which cases should you continuously filter your swimming pool?

A complete filtration cycle lasts about 4 hours. But there is three issues which justify running the filtration of your swimming pool continuously for at least 24 hours, namely:

You have to start by disinfecting the water to “catch up” if it has turned, then activate the filtration continuously until the pool water becomes perfectly clear again and allows you to swim in it again. .

  • In case of proliferation of microorganisms

This is a phenomenon that can be observed when temperatures are scorching. Excessive heat indeed promotes the multiplication of bacteria for example because the water is no longer balanced in terms of pH, TAC and TH. As soon as the water temperature is above 28 ° C, the risks are increased and increase with the degrees. In this case, the filtration system must run continuously until the microorganisms disappear and the water is rebalanced. It is recommended toact preventively by regularly performing a shock treatment during hot weather.

  • When the rate and the duration of attendance of the pool are substantial

As we have previously pointed out, when many swimmers share a bathing session in summer, this justifies continuous filtering for 24 hours.

No need to overfilter if the water does not need it or even during the night. It is indeed necessary to think of optimize filtration time because it consumes a lot of electricity, of the order of 1 kW / h which is not negligible all year round! In addition, the filtration system pump makes noise when it is running. It is therefore preferable that it is at rest during the night unless it is absolutely necessary to filter continuously, or if in winter there is a risk of frost.