How much does a ferret cost? What maintenance budget should you expect?

Ferrets are affectionate animals who love to play. He is endowed with an amazing memory capacity and remarkable intelligence. It is therefore not surprising that many people wish to welcome this little one into their homes. mustelid so endearing. But it is necessary all the same plan a sufficient budget not only for its purchase but also in order to offer it all the essential conditions for its well-being and its maintenance so that it remains in good health throughout its life, that is to say for about ten years. Let’s do a check in.

Purchase price of a ferret

The price range of a ferret is relatively wide, since it takes between 60 and nearly 400 € to afford this little fur ball. The price depends a lot on the place of purchase. It is indeed possible to buy a ferret:

  • From an individual,
  • In a pet store,
  • In a refuge,
  • From a professional breeder, which is recommended.

Prices are set freely, which partly explains such a difference, and it is often in pet stores that they are the highest. But the prices also differ according to the following points:

  • His origin,
  • The pattern, the coat, the color, the markings: sable / polecat ferret, self ferret, solid ferret, semi-angora, angora or short-haired, chocolate, champagne, cinnamon, albino, harlequin, roan, mitts, panda, silver , Dew, blazed, with bib …
  • If the ferret is:
    • Castrated (for a male),
    • Sterilized (for a female),
    • Dewormed,
    • Vaccinated.
  • Of its sex, knowing that in ferrets, the selling price is much higher for a female than for a male.

Price of accessories for a ferret

The note can climb because this little companion needs a complete equipment.

The cage must be spacious. It must be possible to completely disassemble it in order to clean it as regularly as possible. The fact that it can be dismantled is important because it does not allow the dirt to accumulate in the recesses, which could harm the health of the ferret. A good quality cage large enough costs between 150 and 220 €.

To this budget, we must add the price of all accessories that should of course be purchased before welcoming the animal. Everything must be ready on arrival so that he feels good and acclimates as quickly as possible. We can therefore install in the cage of the ferret:

  • A hammock,
  • A little house,
  • Tunnels,
  • A scratching mat equipped with mobiles,
  • Ladders …

He loves to play but also to sneak, hide, so everything must be well thought out for him to be entertained. Ferrets are not rodents, but they can be offered toys intended for these animals, some with bells. However, be careful of ban rubber because it represents a danger. While nibbling on it, the ferret can swallow small particles of it that cause serious intestinal problems.

In addition to that, we add in the cage a bowl which must be stable and heavy enough so that it does not fall over. The ceramics are perfect. Finally, he needs a baby bottle securely attached to the bars of the cage and in which there must always be clean water.

We need to predict 150 € for a set of accessories.

As for the litter, essential, it must be of good quality. The ideal is to opt for flax or hemp. The budget for the ferret litter is about 60 € per year.

Ferret feed prices

The diet must allow the ferret to be in good shape. We choose it of very good quality. Between the croquettes (about 35 g / day) and the treats to be given in moderation, the necessary budget is between 150 and 180 € per year for a single animal.

Price of veterinary fees for a ferret

It is a pole which represents a significant cost, especially if you buy an unchipped and unsterilized ferret. For information, identification costs 50 to 60 €, castration of a male 80 €, sterilization of a female 150 to 160 €. We plan of course at least one annual visit to a veterinarian, between 30 and 50 € per consultation. But the expense can be much higher if there is a problem.

For reduce the health budget, it is better to take out a contract with an animal mutual that reimburses veterinary procedures partially or totally according to the formula chosen, and within the limit of an annual ceiling. In this way, you can look after the health of your ferret at a lower cost. Simply connect to an NAC online insurance comparator to receive multiple offers. It is free and without obligation.

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