How refurbished iT equipment is essential in the purchasing policies of companies

To turn away from a new computer system and to prefer reconditioned equipment: this is the wise bet that more and more professionals are making. Lower costs, unstoppable after-sales service, and rock-solid reliability: the refurbished has proven its worth.

Guaranteed product quality and reliability

Who says reconditioned equipment, says traceability and transparency. This allows companies to have access to high-end equipment knowing where it comes from and how it has been refurbished. Computers, smartphones, printers, keyboards, or even screens are repaired, cleaned and tested in their entirety, in order to guarantee their functioning.

It is then possible to choose its material according to its grade, which has no influence on the performance, but simply reveals the general condition in which it is. Grade A thus designates a device close to new, grade B is reserved for devices showing a few scratches or micro-scratches, and grade C qualifies a tool that may have scratches or small impacts.

Apart from some possible cosmetic details, the reconditioned and the new therefore play in the same team. During the user experience, it is impossible to tell the difference between a PC that comes out of its box and a refurbished model. This is all the magic of a second life under warranty!

A strong ecological gesture

While the repairability index entered into force on January 1, 2021, the issue of refurbishment is more topical than ever. Manufacturers and distributors must now show on their new products a precise assessment of their ability to be repaired. The goal is to educate consumers about the obsolescence of devices so that they turn to more sustainable models. For companies wishing to reduce their ecological footprint, one of the strongest gestures remains to equip themselves with the reconditioned department.

The environmental impact is thus considerably reduced, whether one chooses to rent or buy. More and more brands, start-ups and other medium and large companies are showing their willingness to adopt a more sustainable and ethical approach, by focusing on refurbished products. A concrete and tangible way of showing potential investors and consumers a real commitment to the planet.

Reduced costs

Refurbished products are ultra competitive in terms of price, and this is one of their many advantages. This makes it easier for a company to provide its teams with high-performance equipment, without making a hole in the cash flow. On average, a refurbished and controlled computer device sees its price reduced by 20% to 70% compared to a new model. What to afford a computer with more ram, fall for an iMac with an XXL screen, or choose a more powerful Intel Core processor.

These few key elements explain why the refurbished is today at the center of many purchasing policies and why this phenomenon is growing in popularity every year. One thing is certain, the awareness of companies wishing to combine performance, virtuous approach and flexibility should largely contribute to positioning the refurbished as a true standard in terms of consumption of iT equipment.