How to attract squirrels to your garden? 5 tips, tricks and tips

With its long tail in plume, its magnificent coat ginger and with its playful eyes, the squirrel is one of the friendliest guests of our forests. Very greedy, he will come to visit you if you prepare a welcoming environment for him. Our 5 tips, tricks and tips to attract squirrels to your garden.

Why attract squirrels to your garden?

This little rodent buries or hides food in trees or in the ground. As such, its action plays an important role in dissemination seeds and forest renewal. If the red squirrel was the only one present in Europe until the 19e century, the introduction of the American gray squirrel threatens it today withextinction (food competition, disease transmission). It is therefore recommended to favor the species european and not to encourage the arrival of the American species considered as invasive.

1 – Install squirrel feeders

Since squirrels do not hibernate, the cold and lack of food can put them in great difficulty. Therefore, a helping hand will be welcome to help him through thewinter. How? ‘Or’ What ? By placing a feeder to feed them. Whether you buy it off the shelf or manufacture it, it will be the fix securely so that the animal – heavier than a sparrow – does not drop it. Ideally, hang it on a branch wide enough to let it pass. Then fill her with her favorite foods: peanuts roasted unsalted, hazelnuts, seeds (eg sunflower). He will also like balls of bird fat or small pieces of vegetables and fruit.

Trick : If you want to reserve the pantry for squirrels, secure it to a tree trunk at a distance away from the bird feeder. Plan a small door, shutter or cover: the rodent will easily find the solution to access it.

2 – Place a nesting box for squirrels

If you’ve set up a birdhouse in your garden, the squirrel will surely try to sneak up on it. You can facilitate its access by creating an opening of 8 cm. Know that the store offers equipment adapted squirrels. You can also easily make a shelter for these small mammals with wooden planks (untreated) but without nails or screws to prevent them from injuring themselves. On the internet, squirrel enthusiasts offer plans and instructions to make all kinds of pretty birdhouses. To be placed on the fork of solid branches between 3 and 6 meters high to deter a maximum of predators.

Thing : If a dead tree is in your garden, keep it because it will offer a popular refuge for squirrels who like to nest in cavities.

3 – Provide feeder trees to the squirrel

By finding something to eat in your garden, squirrels will happily settle there. No plant pleases them more than hazel from which you will choose a very fruitful variety. Along with the famous hazelnuts that it happily plunders, the rodent consumes tassels, beech beech, pine cones, chestnuts, walnuts, maple seeds and conifers. Therefore, trees at berries, pines and spruces will be very frequented by these little gourmets.

Thing : squirrels like to bury their food. The flower pots represent an ideal hiding place for them because the potting soil is easy to dig. By making this container filled with soil available, you will allow them to hide their treasures in your garden.

4 – Plant plants that promote its growth

To help them nest near or in your garden, you need to offer squirrels a frame reassuring. The rodent particularly likes large trees with foliage lapsed, with long branches and smooth easily accessible trunks such as birch, ash, hornbeam, beech but also willow. The mammal also appreciates conifers like spruces and pines, as well as all shrub beds because, for safety, it will always prefer to go through bushes than through the ground.

Trick : the squirrel always chooses the facility to move. By letting plants grow climbing like ivy on fences or on walls, you will allow it to enter and leave your garden easily.

5 – Secure the squirrel’s environment

In addition to welcoming plantations, it will be necessary to prepare a secure environment by eliminating any danger. Thus, it is essential to place a cover or a screen on any water reserve to avoid drowning (a squirrel can drown in a bucket of water). Prefer to give him to drink in a bowl small ledges. Also plug all narrow spaces in which the animal could find itself trapped by putting, for example, a grid on the upper entrance of the downspouts.

Trick : if you have a water point in your garden (basin or fountain type), place boards or large branches allowing the squirrel to escape. This precaution is valid for other animals such as hedgehogs.

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