How to build a home composter for the garden?

Very concerned about the environment, but also about their health, more and more French people have adopted home composting. However, this operation is only possible with a composter. Here’s how to make your own bin.

Why make your own compost?

By composting, we mean the transformation of organic and vegetable waste from the house to make organic fertilizer, but especially ecological for ornamental gardens and vegetable gardens. How it works ?

Stacked in a composter, with the help of humidity, insects, earthworms and bacteria, organic waste is transformed into fertile material very similar to humus, after a few months. This operation thus has many advantages. It is, above all, an eco-responsible gesture.

Indeed, by recycling domestic waste, we make our contribution to the preservation of the environment. In addition, with home composting, all-natural fertilizer is also available. A composter can be found very easily on the Internet, in garden centers, DIY stores, supermarkets or even from the “environment” service of your municipality which, more and more, offers it for free. And if not, if you are a bit of a handyman, know that you can just as easily make your own compost bin.

The creation of a compost bin

This solution is interesting since it is more economical than if you have to buy your compost bin. In addition, this equipment can be made with scrap materials. Start by defining the dimensions of the container. Then, make sure you have wooden pallets of identical dimensions with a minimum thickness of 2 cm at hand.

Also obtain stainless screws, a waterproof tarpaulin to cover the top of the composter and 4 stakes 80 to 100 centimeters high. Remember that the box will rest on the ground and therefore will not have a bottom. Saw your wooden planks to a length of 60 cm then nail them to the stakes, leaving the bottom of one side open for collecting the compost. Space the boards 2 to 3 cm apart to aerate the composter. Then plant the 4 stakes of the panels that you have thus built with the boards; they now form a square bin 60 cm wide.

For the closure, make a separate cover with pallet boards of the same dimensions as the side panels. You will then fix it on the stakes with wire.