How to buy airline tickets: step by step

If you are thinking about buying air miles tickets, there are a few things you need to know. First of all, it is good to understand that it is possible, yes! This is not a myth, much less a prank. I’ve done it myself several times.

What happens, however, is that it takes a little bit of information to do everything right. From the companies you will sign up for – Azul, Gol, Latam – until the right time to buy.

Because of this, I advise you to read the text and discover once and for all how to save on your trip. Buying airline tickets with points programs is possible, and I’ll show you how!

How to buy tickets with miles

For those interested in saving on their next trip, buying airfare with miles is a great alternative. Although it is feasible, it is necessary to know the steps of this process well. In addition to assisting you, this allows you to take full advantage of the points programs can offer.

  1. Choose a mileage program
  2. Earn air miles
  3. Set a destination
  4. Analyze prices
  5. Confirm payment
  6. Prepare for the next trip

Step 1. Choose a mileage program

buy tickets with miles

The first step for those who want to start traveling by miles is to choose the program they will be affiliated with. It may seem like a simple choice, but it will make a total difference in the future.

The reason for this is that, although we want so much, it is not possible to transfer points from one airline to another. Therefore, if you only fly with Azul, you will have to use your miles with it, and not with Gol or Latam.

Thus, choosing which program to enroll in is a very important decision in this process. For that, however, it is necessary to analyze several factors, and not only your personal taste.

There are at least seven variables that you should consider before buying tickets for them.

To help you in this process, below I will explain, in a superficial way, a little of the main national programs.

All Blue (Blue)

Program All blue with a wide variety of national destinations and full of member benefits.

  • CALL US: Basic, Topaz, Sapphire, and Diamond
  • Miles validity: 2 years from the date of accumulation
  • International partner companies: 5

Smiles (Goal)

One of the best-known programs in the country, the Smiles offers partnerships with other airlines, hotels, online stores, and car rental agencies.

  • CALL US: Silver, Gold, and Diamond
  • Miles validity: 3 years from the date of accumulation
  • International partner companies: 35

LATAM Pass (Latam)

Known until recently as Multiplus, it changed its name to LATAM Pass, now reaching over 57 million people.

  • CALL US: Gold, Gold Plus, Platinum, Black, Black Signature, Elite
  • Miles validity: 2 years from the date of accumulation
  • International partner companies: 16

Step 2. Earn air miles

accumulate travel points

Now that you have chosen which points program to enroll in, it is time to finally accumulate your airline miles. This step, however, can be a little more complicated than many think.

Not that it’s super difficult, quite the contrary. What happens is that it is no use standing still waiting for your points to accumulate. They are not like investments that grow without you doing anything.

To get more points to buy a ticket with miles, you must work a little. The best thing, in this case, is to discover the secrets to earning air miles.

Among the main tips, are using your credit card a lot, joining a good loyalty program, being loyal to an airline, and always flying with partner airlines.

These are extremely possible steps to take. Still, many people forget about them and end up waiting for the miles to accumulate on their own.

Step 3. Set a destination

buy tickets

Did you know that Travel Insurance is essential for your safety abroad?

In addition to being mandatory in European countries, immigration from any country can request the document to allow or deny entry.

Know the main advantages:

  • Best price guaranteed, coverage of any travel insurance offer;
  • Medical and hospital assistance, flight cancellation and delay insurance, luggage insurance, medical expenses reimbursement, and much more;
  • IS cheaper than buying directly from insurance companies;
  • Contract cancellation no fees up to 48 hours before the trip;
  • An installment in Regular price credit cards;
  • Purchases with bank slip have a 5% discount;
  • Customer service 24hs in Portuguese.

With your account made and your points accumulating, it’s time to analyze where your next trip will be. For that, you need to have two things in mind. First, where you want to go, and then how much you can spend – for points and money.

Let’s leave the price issue to the next topic, focusing here on how to choose the best destination. No doubt you are on the best site for this, but not just willing to make a trip.

Thus, it is important to analyze which destinations are available in the points program you have chosen. There is no point in having a lot of miles if the company does not go where you want.

Also, search for the partnerships that your program offers. In many cases, the company does not have flights to your destination, but a partner can take you. This usually occurs with international travel.

Did you find the perfect trip and are there flights available? Good! Now there is little to buy your tickets!

Step 4. Analyze prices

analyze holiday flight prices

Hey, but if I’m going to buy tickets using miles, why do I have to analyze the prices? Well, there are two main reasons for putting this topic in the article.

First of all, you must remember that miles serve as money. Therefore, saving them is always recommended, regardless of whether or not you need to put your hand in your wallet.

The less points you spend now, the more you will have for your next trip. Knowing this, it is necessary to analyze the prices, preferably looking for the days and times when the values ​​are lowest.

Another reason for doing this research is in comparison with the cash values. I say this because often the company charges a huge amount of points for relatively cheap tickets.

Think like that, do you think it pays to pay 50,000 points – that it took you 3 years to accumulate – on a ticket that costs 200 reais? Perhaps, if you have no option, you can compensate, but I advise you not to use your miles in this situation.

Often the desire to pay nothing is great, but the cost-benefit of buying a ticket with miles in this situation is not worth it.

Step 5. Confirm payment

buy ticket with miles

You may be wondering if this item is so complicated that it needs to be on the list. The big secret here is actually in the form of payment, which can go far beyond cards and payment slips.

I say this because it is possible to buy tickets with miles and money. Yes, in the same purchase you use a little of your points and also a cash value. In practice, this means that your miles will be used as a discount. One way to amortize the total value of the ticket.

Again, I advise you to pay close attention to the amounts stipulated by the airline. Depending on the situation, it does not pay to lose your miles and still have to spend an amount on the card.

Therefore, it is necessary to be very calm when buying tickets with miles. Again, don’t let your desire to save blind you. Sometimes it is more worthwhile to spend more money than to waste all your miles for nothing.

Step 6. Prepare for the next trip

How to buy tickets with miles

Everything is perfect. You have already signed up for a loyalty program. You have already accumulated a good amount of miles. You have already defined your destination and analyzed the prices. You have already made the payment and, finally, used your points to buy tickets. Ended?

Not really.

Now is a very important moment, maybe not for your trip, but for the next ones. I say this because it is now that you will be able to start accumulating your points again and replenishing what you spent.

Are you going to book a hotel? Look for one that is part of your points program and do not forget to inform them at the reception. Go rent a car? Search for a partner airline company. Travel expenses? Swipe everything on your credit card!

These are some tips that, depending on the situation, can completely replace the miles you spent to buy tickets. Even if this is not the case, they are a great opportunity to start accumulating for your next vacation.

Many people forget, but the best time to get more points to travel is, precisely, when you are traveling!

Be sure to buy tickets using your miles!

Although there are several steps to finally buy tickets with airline miles, this is a very beneficial process. After all, with this type of attitude you can travel without paying for transportation.

In addition, they are attitude that you start to get used to. So, after some time you already do everything thinking about the points, which helps a lot on your vacation. In addition, of course, to make them considerably cheaper.

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