How to cancel a cat insurance?

Each master can have a good reason to terminate the insurance contract he had taken out with a mutual health insurance for his cat. The procedure is simple and you can even, depending on the reason, cancel the cat insurance at any time. However, it is not possible to invoke the Hamon law which does not apply to animal insurance, unlike the Châtel law. Here are some tips for proper cat insurance termination.

Cancel cat insurance during the year

Many owners of small cats wonder if they have the right to terminate the health contract of their little companion at any time of the year. The answer is Yes, but termination during the year does not entail any costs if the reason given is one of the following:

  • The move to another region of France, as soon as this change of geographical location leads to an increase in the contribution,
  • Moving to a foreign country if the insurance company is unable to continue to cover its client,
  • The flight or the loss Of the cat,
  • The sale where the Don Of the cat,
  • The dead Of the cat,
  • The death of owner of the animal.

All these reasons can fully justify a request for termination of animal insurance during the year. But it is still useful to reread the general conditions attached to the contract because they specify the terms and reasons for termination applicable by the insurer with which the subscription was made.

Another pattern also allows terminate the contract cat (or dog) insurance at any time thanks to the Châtel law : if the insurer does not comply with its obligation to notify its client of the termination date at least 15 days before the deadline, a statement which is generally specified on the due date notice. The interested party can then, following this failure, denounce the fact of not having been informed in due time by means of a letter of termination by registered mail with AR.

Cancel cat insurance to take out a better contract elsewhere

It’s a frequent cause of termination, competition being fierce today in this area. It is therefore quite normal to want to search through a animal health insurance comparator better guarantees at a more economical price because this allows you to better cover your cat while spending less.

The date to be taken into consideration is the anniversary date of the contract offer. You must of course anticipate because the termination letter must be sent to the company in time to be taken into consideration. This period of notice is of two months, as specified in article L 113-12 of the Insurance Code. In the absence of mail, or if it arrives too late, the insurer applies the tacit renewal for a further period of one year. It must therefore be notified two months before the due date and ideally, the letter must be registered with Acknowledgment of Receipt.

Looking for inspiration to write a termination letter? In a few seconds you can find models on the Internet that you just have to complete by indicating among other things the contract number, the name and the first name of the owner of the animal as well as its postal address, the name and the breed of the insured cat. . You must also date and sign the mail. When the company receives it, it will be up to him to send a certificate of termination to his ex-client.

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