How to cancel dog insurance?

There are different reasons for terminating a dog insurance contract. To do this, it is necessary to follow the procedure as normally specified in the general conditions, a point that should always be checked before subscribing. That we wish to terminate due of the contract or at any time, here are the points to be observed.

Cancel dog insurance on expiry

Generally, an insurance contract is subject to an annual tacit agreement. This means that in the absence of a request for termination within the time limits set, the contract is automatically extended for a further period of twelve months. We must therefore not let the deadline pass if we want to put an end to it.

The recurring reason in this case is the excessive price. Canceling your pet’s insurance therefore allows you to subscribe to another company to pay less for your policy while also covering your dog (and sometimes better).

Termination is governed by thearticle L 113-12 of the Insurance Code. To terminate dog insurance on expiry, the owner of the animal must follow the procedure to the letter, namely:

  • Respect the period of two months notice,
  • Send a letter to the insurer by registered mail with Notice of Receipt well before the two months preceding the anniversary date of the contract offer. There are standard letters just print and complete. This letter must mention among others:
    • the contract number,
    • the name of the insurance company,
    • the identity of the owner of the dog as well as his postal and telephone contact details and possibly the email address,
    • the name and breed of the animal,
    • today’s date.
    • and must also be duly signed.

On receipt, the insurer sends the interested party a termination certificate. Do not hesitate to claim it if this is not the case.

You should know that the termination request can be rejected by the company if the two months notice is not respected. In this case, the contract is renewed for one year. A mistake not to make at the new deadline in order to put an end to it.

Cancel dog insurance at any time

Certain reasons give the right to terminate a dog insurance contract without waiting for the expiry date. It’s about :

  • Of the cession the dog, whether sold to a third party or given away,
  • Of the loss where the flight of the dog,
  • Of move of the owner from the moment this leads to an increase in the price of the insurance policy, whether the owner of the animal moves to another French region or even abroad, knowing that in the latter case, many companies can no longer cover the animal,
  • Of the dead dogs (accidental, natural, following an illness, by euthanasia, etc.),
  • The death of owner of the dog.

These different reasons give the right to terminate the contract at any time of the year.

But it is the same if the insurer has not fulfilled its obligation to inform his client of the termination date, when he must do so at least 15 days before the deadline. This is a breach which must be reported by registered letter with Acknowledgment of Receipt. Indeed, the owner of the dog must be, each year, informed in good time of his right to termination. It is thanks to the Châtel law that you can cancel insurance at any time.

Compare dog insurance before changing contract

It is very important not to let your pet without cover because in the event of a hazard (illness or accident), the amount of veterinary procedures can be very high. To be fully or at least partially reimbursed for his expenses, the teacher must therefore ensure take out a new contract with another animal health insurance. This is the best solution to watch over the health of his little companion while keeping close watch on the household budget.

To do this, it is recommended to use a comparator of mutual health insurance for dogs in order to take advantage of the stiff competition between companies. In this way, in a few clicks, the interested party receives many offers that meet their expectations in terms of guarantees but also prices.

Before making a decision, it is very important that the teacher takes the time to compare the various proposals that are made to him, to read the general conditions, to find out about the exclusions, the length of the waiting period, the amount of the deductible or the reimbursement limits and of course the price of the contribution. This therefore implies taking it sufficiently in advance to have the new contract in view when the time comes to terminate the old one. This way there will be no interruption in dog health coverage.

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