How to choose a coffee table for your living room? Our advices

It doesn’t sound like much, but choosing a coffee table is no easy task. You put your drinks, your magazines, your remote controls, maybe your cell phones. Often, it is a central piece because at the heart of your living room. For some, it serves as a dining table. It is a unique piece of furniture that immediately says a lot about the tastes of the tenant or the owner. Yep, a coffee table often reflects your personality. But beyond your tastes, it is also wise that she follows certain rules which we tell you about below.

Pay attention to the height of your coffee table

It may seem trivial. Yet nothing is more annoying than a coffee table at the wrong height. Too high or too low, it will not seem pleasant to you. The ideal is that it is the height of the cushions of your sofa, or only slightly lower. Everyone’s lifestyle greatly influences the layout of our rooms, if you are used to eating on the coffee table in your living room, in this case, plan it a little higher to avoid finding your back all rounded, which would put you in a relatively uncomfortable position.

Pay attention to the proportions vis-à-vis your sofa

Again, as with the right height, be sure to opt for a coffee table that is the right length in relation to your sofa. What is recommended is a coffee table that measures two thirds of the length of your sofa. So for a 1.50 meter sofa for example, you should look for a coffee table that is about a meter long.

Pay attention to the shape of your coffee table

After you have roughly determined its dimensions in terms of height and width, consider the depth. In other words, choose the shape of the coffee table of your dreams. There are so many. Square, rectangular, round or oval …

Square coffee table

The square is a friendly shape because each person around the coffee table is equidistant from the center of the tray. It’s a symmetrical table, very practical if you sit there to eat. In addition, sometimes it offers storage under its surface.

Rectangular coffee table

The rectangular coffee tables are resolutely modern tables. They are often the ones who offer as much space as possible in terms of their tray and any storage space.

Round coffee table

A round coffee table can be really welcoming for your guests or for a large family, especially for having an aperitif or for eating there. Add ottomans to the floor on the other side of the sofa and the party atmosphere is guaranteed!

Oval coffee table

The oval coffee tables combine aesthetics and practicality. They promote movement – no sharp edges so ideal for young children! In addition, they provide enough space to store things on top.

Look at the one that would best match your room. Do you have to consider a fireplace or the location of the television? You need to calculate the space to allow for the best circulation in the room.

It’s all about balance

The fourth point to consider in choosing your coffee table would be its visual mass. In other words, its “weight” in your decoration. It must come to integrate into the harmony of the room, so that your space is proportioned and balanced. To be more concrete: if your sofa has fairly high and rather thin legs, your coffee table can afford to be massive with very short legs, if not no legs at all. Conversely, if your sofa does not have visible legs, you may want to consider a coffee table with thinner and taller legs.

Decide on a material

In wood, glass, stone, there are even coffee tables made of plastic or cardboard. Before buying one, see which material would suit your lifestyle and decorating style well. If you have small children, glass may need to be set aside occasionally. If you have a small room, choose a material that is visually overlooked. If you have wooden floors on the floor, avoid opting for a wooden coffee table, instead go for a complementary material. Also see if your coffee table is intended for an immutable place or if you will have to move it often. It is all these questions and their answers that will put you on the path to your ideal coffee table.

Reason in terms of lifestyle

What is your daily life? What does the use of a coffee table mean to you? Obviously, when choosing a coffee table for yourself or for your family, you have to consider your lifestyle. Do you need a coffee table with lots of storage? In this case choose a coffee table with drawers or spaces to store. Are you the type of person who constantly plays board games in the living room? Make sure your coffee table is comfortable enough to navigate around it. Do you tend to put your feet up on the coffee table when watching TV? Maybe you need to buy an ottoman rather than a coffee table!

Adapt your coffee table to your decorating style

The range of possibilities is so wide: from the very fashionable nesting tables at the moment to a table that you would have created yourself from recycled materials, including the voluminous coffee table advocated by the industrial style… Anything is possible. It’s up to you to define the style of your interior decoration and to buy a consistent coffee table. Often the legs are a singular element of coffee tables, there are not only for the tops!