How to choose an edger? The buying guide

The edger is a very practical tool for amateur and experienced gardeners. Indeed, it is useful for any garden owner since it allows to complete the mowing operated by the lawn mower and to perfect its work by cutting the borders, the perimeter of trees and various obstacles, along the hedges, flowerbeds, fences or fences. However, to choose the right device for all those on the market, we suggest you follow some advice. Let’s take stock to guide you to the right purchase.

Choosing the right type of edger for your garden

There are several models of edger, but not all of them meet all needs.

The electric edger

There are two types of electric trimmers: corded models and cordless models.

  • Corded edgers : these are equipped with a power varying between 500 and 1000 W. They are suitable above all for small to medium sized gardens. If they are effective, it is advisable to be vigilant on the length of the wire in order to be able to maintain its exteriors without constraints.
  • Cordless trimmers : These models are battery powered and therefore less powerful. They are mainly suitable for small gardens. These are devices with limited performance, but they are sufficient to complete a mowing with a mower. For more convenience, it is advisable to have two batteries to be able to use the second when the first is empty.

The thermal edger

The thermal edger remains the most powerful device. It is available as a 2-stroke engine and as a 4-stroke engine. With their power oscillating between 500 and 1,500 W, they are above all intended for professional gardeners and individuals who have a large plot to maintain. Loud, they are heavier models. The more powerful can also be used as a brush cutter.

Choosing the right cutterhead model

There are two types of trimmer heads for edgers and each has its own characteristics.

Nylon or roto-thread cutting head

If the nylon line cutting head can equip some models of thermal edger, it is above all present on electric models. These so-called roto-wire models are equipped with a nylon line which can be round, for conventional edgers, or square, for the most powerful models and brush cutters.

The cutting head with steel blades

The steel-bladed cutting head is typically found in the most powerful petrol and electric trimmers. The great advantage of these cutting heads is that it is not necessary to systematically replace the line. On the other hand, it will be necessary to maintain them more.

Choose an efficient and secure model

Granted, you won’t be using your edger every day. Nevertheless, it is preferable to equip yourself with a handy and practical device to use, secure and ergonomic. Here are the criteria to watch:

  • An ergonomic edger: opt for a light model, easy to handle and carry, if possible with a height-adjustable handle to avoid pain.
  • An Easy-to-Maintain Edger: Petrol models are generally the most difficult to maintain, but some are simpler than others. Ask about this to avoid inconvenience.
  • A secure edger: to avoid accidents with this after all dangerous device, make sure that your model is equipped with an easily accessible emergency stop device.
  • An edger that’s easy to start: most electric models and some petrol models are equipped with an electric starter. This is a significant option to facilitate the start-up of the device.

Choose a model with the right options

If the edger is a simple and generally practical device, some options make it more comfortable to use.

  • The removable handle: the most powerful models have a removable handle in addition to the fixed handle, which increases the comfort of use. Find out, as some electric trimmers also feature this option.
  • The adjustable handle: for a more comfortable use and to reduce muscle stiffness after use, the height adjustable handle is an interesting feature.
  • The rotating cutting head: this option is ideal for effortless perfect finishes. Indeed, the swivel head allows better cutting of edges that are difficult to access.
  • A transport harness: for the heaviest models, the presence of a transport harness is a real plus for less tiring use.