How to choose the best croquettes for your dog?

Faced with the very wide choice of croquettes on the market, you have difficulty making your choice and finding the best product for your four-legged friend? Here are some tips to help you choose the quality kibble that is also compatible with your dog’s needs.

The essential ingredients

When reading the label on the packet of kibble, the first thing to do is to check the ingredients. Sources of animal protein from fish, meats and organ meats are the most attractive to dogs compared to vegetable protein. Dry food composed mainly of these proteins can be considered as of good quality. Dogs need it for their proper development. On the other hand, pay attention to categorical and vague names such as “by-product” or “meat” without specifying which one. Sometimes manufacturers use this technique to change beef into chicken meat, in an effort to gain more margins. For their part, the brands which are transparent in declaring that it is “beef” actually use this raw material.

Another thing: choose kibbles that contain as few additives, colorings, flavor enhancers or artificial flavors of all kinds as possible.

In addition, it is preferable to favor croquettes with little or without cereals. Namely that this ingredient is not part of the original diet of dogs. Sometimes grains can be difficult for them to digest. So, as much as possible, it is better to exclude them from their diet.

Analytical constituents

The second step will consist in focusing on the analytical constituents. You must check the level of lipids, proteins or fibers. As protein is essential for dogs, kibble should contain at least 25%. Be careful, again, there are some pitfalls to be aware of. You have to make sure that these proteins come from noble pieces of the animal and not from tendons or even bones. The proteins from the latter are of lower quality and do not participate in the good nutrition of your pet. Also watch out for carbohydrates. In principle, when the ENA (Non-Nitrogenous Extractant) of the croquettes is less than 30%, this means that they contain few carbohydrates. Which is a good point.

Choose the croquettes according to the dog’s needs

The choice of kibble can also be made in three different ways: according to the dietary needs of the animal, its physiological needs or according to its breed. Thus, if he develops heart disease, allergies or diabetes, you can go to the first category of kibble. The second category is for growing, elderly, athletic, sterilized or adult dogs.

To find out if the kibbles are perfectly suited to Médor, check his stool. If he defecates once or twice a day and his droppings are not too soft or smelly, this indicates good digestion. The coat will also tell you a lot about the quality of its diet. As soon as the hairs are dull or fall excessively, quickly consider a change of kibble.

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