How to choose the best mutual fund for animals in 2021?

For maintain the good health of your pet throughout his life, there is no better solution than to insure him with a mutual fund for animals. Specialized companies offer different formulas to meet all requirements. The animal health insurance comparator is perfect for choosing the best cat, dog, NAC 2021 insurance without leaving your home.

What is a mutual fund for animals?

A mutual health insurance for pets works in the same way as a supplement for humans. Simply choose the formula adapted to the needs of the animal and the budget of the master then to take out a contract. This allows you to be partially or fully reimbursed for veterinary expenses.

The advantage is therefore twofold: the insured animal benefits from medical surveillance throughout its life. In the event of a health problem or accident, but also quite simply for preventive acts, it is therefore covered. As for his master, he saves money from the fact that he receives reimbursements for veterinary treatment as soon as he sends the insurer the necessary supporting documents such as invoices issued by the practitioner.

Animal mutuals: the options offered in 2021

As a general rule, mutual companies for pets offer at least three types of formulas, namely:

  • A basic formula: it guarantees the animal for routine acts in the event of accident or illness. The expenses are reimbursed at 50 to 60% within the limit of an annual ceiling. This is the solution the least expensive.
  • A full formula: it allows you to benefit from higher reimbursements, in the order of 70 to 80% of the expenses incurred and the annual ceiling is also higher than for a basic formula. This is the recommended solution for an animal that requires regular veterinary consultations. It costs between 10 and 25 € / month depending on the animal to be insured (cat, dog, etc.).
  • A great comfort formula: it is The must in terms of health coverage for a pet. The annual limit is generally very high, and the expenses incurred by the owner of the dog or cat are reimbursed between 90 and 100% within the limit of the annual ceiling much higher to that of the other formulas. Note that this optimum contract generally includes at least partial coverage of preventive acts.

Some mutuals also offer a Prevention formula which may come complete a basic contract. This allows you to anticipate the health problems of your animal, and at a lower cost. It partly covers the following acts and products:

  • Sterilization,
  • Vaccination,
  • Identification,
  • Checkup,
  • Specific diet,
  • Dewormers, lotions, etc.

Determine the needs of the animal before choosing the best mutual health insurance

No question of choosing a mutual fund for animals at random. However, this is what some people are tempted to do, given the number of insurance companies specializing in taking care of the health of dogs or cats.

We therefore begin by determining the needs of his little companion. Is he particularly fragile or more exposed to certain pathologies because of his race? Is it a male, a female? Is it a young animal or on the contrary an elderly dog ​​or cat? Does he spend most of his time outdoors? Many conditions of daily life can put the health of an animal at great risk. It is therefore important to assess the level of these risks, whether in terms of illness or accident.

This is where the comparator of mutual health pets makes sense. In a few clicks, the owner of the animal to be insured informs the online form and gets several free quotes without obligation. He can quietly study the subscription conditions, any exclusions and the rates applied. In 2021, the best mutual fund for animals is the one which guarantees a high level of cover, sufficient reimbursements, and which does not apply either a waiting period or a deductible. Thus the contract is effective immediately and the budget of the owner of the animal is preserved.