How to choose the leash for my dog?

An essential accessory for walking your dog in complete safety, the leash is also compulsory in certain public places. Given its crucial role, its choice should not be made at random.

The right length

The first rule to choose the leash is to choose the right length which must adapt to the size of the animal. If your dog is powerful and heavy, you absolutely need a short, wide leash that will make your daily walks easier. The ideal size is around 1.20m to 2m. Because when it is much too short, this accessory will “imprison” the dog by preventing it from performing free movements. On the other hand, excessively long reel-type leashes are not recommended for these large dogs weighing more than 10 kg, especially when walking in town.

It will indeed be difficult to control the animal if it decides to run suddenly. These models are also unsuitable for teaching your dog to walk on a leash. On the other hand, if the dog is small and if the walks are carried out in the countryside, in a park or another safe place, the retractable leash is possible. Another possible choice is the lasso leash which has the advantage of not marking the neck and avoiding damaging the hair. However, she does not adapt to dogs who pull during walks, as she has a tendency to strangle. This model is mainly used during dog shows.

A wide range of leash models

Once you’ve chosen the length, it’s time to take stock of the material. Three choices are available to you. The most classic is the nylon model which is also the most affordable in terms of cost. On the market you will find a wide range of different models. But be careful to select the material. It should be comfortable to the touch, because if the dog pulls a lot, you may experience burning sensations in the hand.

If you have a higher budget, it is better to bet on leashes made of real leather. Similis and other equivalents are not recommended, because the dog risks damaging them very quickly by chewing on the accessory. The advantage of leather is that it is extremely durable and offers better comfort to the touch. This is not really the case with metal leashes which are not comfortable for the owner to hold and even less pleasant for the dog to wear. Even though they are strong, these models are heavy on your pet. That is why they should be used temporarily. We recommend them especially for dogs who tend to bite their leash and degrade it too quickly. To avoid this kind of behavior, you should educate the animal to respect the object and make it understand that it is not a toy.

Color side, it all depends on your tastes and desires. However, specialists advise using a brightly colored leash so people can spot it at night and not trip over it.

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