How to choose the name of your dog?

When a family is about to adopt a puppy, everyone, young and old, uses a lot of imagination to find a name for their little companion. In the turmoil of the moment, the proposals fuse all over the place, and some are not always in very good taste. But looking for a dog name as a family is a special moment that usually does not fail to be punctuated with memorable giggles. We can in any case very quickly realize that it is not as simple as it seems since it is important that the name of the dog appeals to everyone. Here are some ideas.

Choosing a short name for a dog

It seems logical, the fewer syllables it contains, the more the name can be memorized quickly by the doggie. We recommend that you limit yourself to one or two syllables but to make sure if possible to opt for a sound that clicks, full of energy, which will have its effect when the dog will have to learn to obey the recall. And since the tone is very important because the dog is able to distinguish the frequency ranges perfectly, this can also be taken into account.

You have to repeat the desired name several times in a row, and only validate it definitively if you are sure that it is the right one and that no other first name can dethrone it.

We also advise you to think about diminutive derived from the name found, and which family members will soon use. Here again, the sound is important.

A name that sticks to the peculiarities of the dog

It is hard to see an Italian Greyhound being called Teddy Bear, a Chihuahua named Sumo, even a dog as gentle as a lamb being baptized Satan or even a beautiful male Pyrenean Shepherd very imposing answering the name of Petunia … No question of being wrong, then, nor to ridicule his little protege with a name that does not stick to his skin at all or whose connotation is doubtful …

We must try, as much as possible, to give him a first name in perfect correlation with a feature of his character or even with his physical, but be careful all the same. The choice is crucial because the dog will keep his name all his life. Always think about it and avoid the rush. Is Ladybug suitable for a Dalmatian? Not sure either that Ristourne is ideal for a dog of a rare breed and whose acquisition has cost its owner an arm and a leg. Name of a dog, how complicated!

We can look for a name according to the origin of the doggie, or draw from literature, from comics to attribute the name of a hero, or even in Art. For example, the names of composers are very often attributed to the dogs of music lovers… But flowers also inspire, and that’s without counting anything that can be humorous… It is therefore up to each master to make the right choice.

Choose an initial according to the dog’s year of birth

Masters lacking inspiration can find plenty of ideas on the web. If we have set our sights on a racy doggie that we plan to enroll in the Book of French Origins (LOF), dog names are not lacking either. In this case, his year of birth is decisive in finding him a name whose initial is not chosen at random, whether it is a female or a male. Indeed, for a purebred dog, since the nineteenth century we apply the rule of one letter, one year, and again there is no shortage of ideas …