How to choose your lighting for the living room?

Your living room is usually the largest room in your home. It is a strategic place where there is a lot going on during the day and evening. And making sure your living room is properly and beautifully lit for you to gather as a family, entertain, relax, read or watch TV – and all the other activities that take place in this central room, is more complicated than pressing the on / off button of any light!

A well-lit living room should ideally have fixtures that illuminate its four corners, to create a balance and a pleasant atmosphere. You have to rely on all types of lighting whether they are supplemental, ambient or localized to light up the room depending on what you are doing there.

Choose your lighting for the living room according to your activity

While the concept of a living room seems pretty obvious, its actual use varies from person to person. And so, in choosing your lighting, it is crucial to establish how you use your living room? What do you do there in general? The answer to this question will help you get the right approach.

If you use your living room to watch TV

If watching television is your pleasure to disconnect or relax, consider specific lighting. Choose a dimmable ceiling light. Make sure other light sources stay out of your visual field. You can place a lamp behind your chair which may be useful when using the remote control – but which will probably be off when the television is on.

If you use your living room to read

If you’d rather immerse yourself in a good book or magazine, consider general ambient lighting. Since you don’t have to worry about TV glare, your possibilities are much greater. You can therefore add floor lamps, wall lights, etc. to the main lighting.

Of course, you need more localized lighting, which is essential for reading.

If you use your living room for relaxation and entertainment

It cannot be overstated that general lighting is the essential element of your “light landscape”. For gatherings with family or friends, you have all the options available, including floor or table lamps, wall lights and ceiling lights. For an added design element, add a chandelier as a centerpiece, especially if it provides warm lighting.

What to choose as a light for your living room?

An oversized arched floor lamp

For a warm and modern living room, choose an oversized arched floor lamp with a slender silhouette that provides ample but diffused ambient light. Even off, it is just as beautiful! Whether you choose a very luxurious design classic or a more affordable Scandinavian-style tripod floor lamp, don’t just think of it as a source of light but also as a major decorative element.

An ultra-design wall light

Why not use the space above your sofa to install a spectacular wall light? This will surely trigger questions from your friends and those around you. And it instantly gives a certain ambiance to your living room. This type of light will work particularly well in a minimalist universe.

A mix of old and new

An antique chandelier or vintage wall lights can warm up a contemporary living room. Where you can expect classic, go for contemporary. For example, on either side of your fireplace mantel, you could think of installing two beautiful timeless pieces. But rather than formal sconces, why don’t you choose warm contemporary lighting?

Transparent lights

If your living room has extremely large windows, consider choosing fixtures that don’t interfere with natural light, such as a classic crystal chandelier. For an airy and clean look, try lamps in clear glass or plastic shapes or some lamps that come in several shades of tinted clear glass.

Colored light

If your living room is in specific tones, choose wall lights in the same color. For example, if your living room is in orange tones, place shades in the same color that will provide a soft, flattering light and add depth to your wall.

A geometric ceiling lamp

There are avant-garde LED ceiling lights, which you can hang in the middle of your living room, in the center of your ceiling. You can then balance this geometric ceiling lamp with floor lamps to be distributed evenly in your room to create a warm light atmosphere, which will have the effect of making the room welcoming.

Mismatched luminaires

When choosing fixtures for either side of a sofa, you don’t have to limit yourself to matching bedside lamps. Keep a common character: for example the same size and the same material for the finishes but opt ​​for different lighting. The lights are not twins yet the balance between the two is respected.

A Moroccan lantern

You don’t need a Moroccan style interior to incorporate a Moroccan metal lantern into your living room. Hang one in the center of your ceiling to add a touch of whimsy to your decor and cast magical shadows when it’s on.


Candles or candlesticks are sources of light par excellence, those which will bring the welcoming finishing touch to your living room. Mix candle holders in various styles and materials to add warmth to your living room, especially if it is contemporary in style.

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