How to choose your suspensions to illuminate and decorate your interior?

In terms of lighting, suspensions are the most chosen luminaires to illuminate and decorate its interior. But making this choice is not easy as there are so many models: materials, shapes, colors, etc. To simplify your life, think of the functions that your pendant lights can have: the first and undoubtedly the most important since it is about bringing light into your interior and the second which is to make your room unique. through its decoration.

Pendant lights to light up your interior

What kind of lighting?

The pendant lamp usually takes its place in the middle of your space, in the center of the ceiling. This is the main light source, the one you turn on when you enter the room. It is therefore a general light that allows you to move easily around your home. It is homogeneous and rarely variable. The lighting of this main pendant light is the one that gives all its atmosphere to your room. Make sure it is present but soft. You can for example consider a halogen bulb of white color, a rather warm white.

What size of suspension?

The size of your pendant light is also a matter of lighting and not just decoration. Certainly, it is important to make sure that the size of your pendant light is proportional to the size of your space so that visually there is no dissonance. On the other hand, in terms of lighting, it is desirable to ensure that the dimensions are also suitable. A pendant that is too small, even placed very high, will not be able to illuminate the whole of a large area.

How high ?

You don’t particularly want to bump into your suspension regularly? So fix it at almost two meters high so that everyone can come and go freely in your interior. An exception can be made for the suspensions which come above the dining tables. Since they are intended to illuminate your guests, they are located above the table and can be easily hung in such a way that they descend up to three feet from the floor. You can also use your pendant lights as bedside lamps in a bedroom. In this case, they can drop even lower, so that you can read easily in your bed.

A pendant lamp for which room?

In the entrance, if your entrance lends itself, you can choose a fairly majestic pendant light. This is the place through which your guests enter your home. It immediately gives to see what will be the decoration of your interior. To make a good impression, choose your pendant light.

In the living room, it is usually in this common space that we find the suspensions, you can also play the card of the spectacular. How? ‘Or’ What ? By choosing a large pendant with a very strong style. You can install cluster pendant lights above your dining table. And you have the possibility to vary the lengths of electric wires. It’s all about style and depends on what your preferences are.

In the kitchen, opt for a simple and effective pendant light, which provides you with lighting suitable for preparing your meals. Better to see clearly by peeling your vegetables rather than risking a cut for lack of light.

In the bedroom, the suspension supports the cocoon side. Prefer paper or fabric for soft, subdued lighting.

Pendant lights to decorate your interior

Pendant lights are everywhere: in trendy boutiques or restaurants and in decoration stores. Because these decorative elements are not simply luminous for their illuminating function, they bring with them beauty and design to any interior. Shape, color, layout, style, have fun with your pendant lights!

The shape of your pendant light

At the moment, we can only see them: the pendant lights with geometric shapes! But there are many more different ones. Besides, who said that the suspensions in your interior must necessarily be identical? If you have chosen several suspensions rather than just one, do not limit yourself to reproducing the same several times. Try different shapes. If your decoration so ready, you can choose luminaires that are completely different from each other. Ideally, it is still good that there is harmony. If you choose different items in terms of shape, make sure the material or color is the same.

The color of your pendant light

The association of colors in decoration is not easy but if you feel the soul of a painter who wants to combine colors, go for it! Choosing suspensions of different colors can be a success, but the whole must remain harmonious.

The disposition of your suspension

For a very chic and designer look, you can align your pendant lights. It works great above a table. On the ceiling, you can also do an alignment, but settle for three hangers with a certain gap rather than an alignment of a large number of hangers.

The style of your pendant light

As with everything else in decoration, there are many styles of pendant lights. Those that are on the rise are minimalist pendant lights. Consisting of a single bulb, they can give a lot of look and charm to your interior. Hand-made suspensions are also very popular. The canvas is full of tutorials offering to make your own suspension.

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