How to clean a fireplace or stove glass in an ecological way?

There is nothing worse than insert glass that gets dirty and which prevents us from enjoying the marvelous spectacle brought by the dancing flames. To remedy this problem, remember to clean your insert glass as often as possible. here are some little ecological tips that you can draw inspiration from.

The white of meudon

A chalk-based white Meudon is extracted from quarries which, as its name suggests, are located in Meudon. It is formed from particles of sodium carbonate. Do not confuse it with the white of Spain, originally marketed in Spain, which looks quite close but is made of white clay and not chalk.

Blanc de Meudon offers many advantages. In particular, it is biodegradable, ecological and safe, which can replace many cleaning products. Moreover, it remains very popular in the cleaning of insert windows. For an optimal use, it will be necessary to mix two spoonfuls of white of Meudon, a spoonful of methylated spirit, a spoonful of ammonia, water and white vinegar. Spread the product obtained on the glass then proceed to rinsing. The glass of your insert will be like new thanks to this powerful mixture.

White vinegar

A natural product, white vinegar has become essential today in the home and not just in our kitchens. Inexpensive, it provides countless advantages. Descaler, cleaner, deodorant or disinfectant… it helps us in all household operations. And if it is so appreciated, it is because it is devilishly efficient and above all ecological.

You can easily use it to shine the insert glass of your fireplace. To do this, in a sprayer, mix water, white vinegar with a little lemon juice. Generously spray the insert glass. Then take a newspaper, roll it into a ball, and scrub the glass.

Ash and newspaper

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to clean the glass of your insert. For example, you can simply use the waste discharged from your chimney. In fact, ash is an excellent abrasive for cleaning this glazed area. For this technique, first place sheets of newspaper under the insert. Then, roll newspaper into a ball and lightly moisten it. Then immerse it in ash and rub your glass vigorously.

Finish with a paper towel or a rag. The result is stunning and didn’t cost you a penny. It should be noted that cleaning is much easier when the chimney is still warm or hot.

The right varieties of wood to reduce fouling

To reduce soiling of the glass and thus avoid tedious cleaning, it is strongly recommended to choose perfectly dry wood. There are certain species that should be preferred over others such as fruit trees, beech, oak or even hornbeam. Softwoods or woods which have undergone chemical treatment should be avoided as much as possible because their combustion clogs the glazed area much too quickly, not to mention that they emit toxic fumes.

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