How to cover tiled floors easily?

When you buy an apartment or a house showing the number of years or simply if you want to revamp your interior, you often consider replacing the tiled floor. Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to break everything because today there are solutions that limit the big jobs. All allow you to easily cover the tiled floor for an impeccable renovation, if you know a little all the same. Let’s do a check in.

Coatings to cover a tiled floor: a solution for every type of room

If you want to leave the floor tiles in place and simply cover it because it is damaged, old-fashioned or downright ugly, you must choose a coating that is suitable for the substrate but also for the environment. It may be a wet room like the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilets, or non-humid room such as a bedroom, living room, office and of course other areas of the living space such as hallways and entrances.

Whatever solution is chosen, we obviously start by removing all the furniture from the room in order to completely free up the floor space. It is then necessary to vacuum the dust, wash or even degrease the tiling in place, and finally let it dry well.

PVC tiles or clip-on slats

They are very frequently used to redecorate an interior even in damp rooms. At around € 30 / m², this solution remains financially accessible if the floor is absolutely level. When this is not the case, a patching is mandatory in order to avoid premature wear of the new coating, but this increases the cost of the operation.

It is recommended to store the tiles or boards in the room a few days before starting the work so that the PVC can acclimatize to room temperature. As differences in bath may exist between the planks or tiles of different boxes, it is necessary to mix them all to avoid seeing the differences in tones too much later. But anyway it is necessary to fill the joints between the tiles if they are at least 4 mm to obtain a perfectly smooth support. Here again, we resort to patching.

This type of PVC coating requires floating pose, which means that we do not stick it especially. Slabs like planks clip to each other. An expansion space should be left at the base of each wall. The pose is a breeze when you have a little experience. You just have to make sure to offset the boards in one row in relation to those in the next row. And if you have to make cuts, you simply use a cutter.

Waxed concrete

It is really a good idea to cover a tiled floor with waxed concrete which is suitable for all rooms, even damp. It brings a design touch in the home and we love it in a loft or an industrial-style decor. This coating leaves a lot of room for creativity because it is offered in a wide range, in many finishes and in multiple colors and shades. It perfectly imitates different materials (wood, marble, etc.).

In addition, the adhesion with the old tiling is perfect, the joints no longer appear and the soil defects are totally masked, and it does not create any extra thickness requiring the doors to be planed. Best of all, waxed concrete is easy to maintain.

To simplify your life, it is possible (and preferable if you are not very handy) to opt for the version in ready-to-use kit which contains the essential bonding undercoat, a cement with binder, a specific product to plug the pores and, essential for the finish as much as for the protection of waxed concrete, a specific wax. Wherever it is installed, waxed concrete achieves a miraculous result! But it can also be disastrous if you are not skilled in the art. Entrust its installation to a professional is therefore highly recommended.

The floor

If one chooses a glued solid parquet, in a damp room one opts for solid teak oiled boat deck. Otherwise, other species are suitable for dry rooms. Glued solid parquet is nevertheless not the best solution for lasting tiling on the floor, but the visual effect, on the other hand, is generally successful … provided that care is taken to:

  • Put an undercoat or roller primer on the floor tile to be covered.
  • Wait for complete drying for at least 24 hours (refer to the manufacturer’s instructions).
  • Plan the doors if necessary because the thickness of the parquet must be taken into account.
  • Remember to leave 10 mm between the bottom of the walls and the edge of the parquet. This is called the expansion space. To do this, wedges of this width are placed around the entire perimeter of the area where the solid parquet is to be laid.
  • Above all, do not walk on the freshly laid parquet for at least 48 hours to allow the glue to dry well.
  • Remove all the calluses, dust off the floor then put the furniture back in place.

Note that to cover a tiled floor with laminate flooring, it is not a primer that is applied but first of all a moisture insulating then a sound insulation. One must be laid in one direction and the second in the other direction. There is clip-on parquet that is very easy to install. You should also know that with laminate parquet, the room can be used immediately after the work since it is not necessary to respect a drying time.


Hiding an ugly tiled floor with seagrass is among the solutions that are on the rise. This product is natural and brings an authentic touch to the room which in a few hours appears much warmer than with tiling.

In addition to perfectly covering the tiling, seagrass is quite economical since it costs only 10 to 20 € / m². For an equivalent budget, we can finance the workforce of a professional. It may not be worth doing without and at least the coating will be well laid, which increases its lifespan.

These different solutions make it possible to directly cover the tiled floor are more and more used by individuals and specialists in decoration and / or home staging. They allow you to radically transform your tiled floor without emptying your bank account.

Of course, DIY refractories must leave a artisan take charge of this work. In order not to have to regret having embarked on this type of restoration without any knowledge, it is preferable to reserve a small additional budget to face the cost of labor. Quotes can be obtained free of charge through an online comparator.