How to create your personalized birth announcement? – EconomyMorning

After 9 months of impatient imagining your baby, he is finally here. It’s time to announce it to your family as well as your friends. But what should this birth announcement say? Whether your style is formal or fun, the goal is to announce this beautiful birth but also to offer an unforgettable memory to your loved ones. Here are some tips for preparing your birth announcement properly.

What style of invitation to choose?

When it comes time to create a birth announcement card, parents can choose from a multitude of styles: in card format with patterns. Hot air balloon, marine world or secret jungle for little boys or even little cloud, magnolia or powder pink for little girls. Others will prefer calligraphy, the polaroid style, or more natural. You can also choose to add a full page photo of your newborn and add small information about the weight and height of the baby. Find other equally original formats on Popcarte: photo cards and invitations to personalize.

Some card formats can also be a lot of fun. This is the case of this card which indicates ” Guess what her name is »And which gives the possibility to relatives of guess the baby’s first name by detaching one from the list on the card. Much longer but for those who would feel the soul of an artist, it is possible to create your birth announcements yourself. Here are some ideas from the site Marie Claire on this subject.

What information to indicate in the invitation?

Even if it is tempting to send a quick text message or post a few pictures on the networks to announce the birth of your baby, a paper version is always more appreciated. You can indicate your baby’s full name there, especially if mom and dad want to keep different names.

Do not forget to add the date of birth of your baby but also, if you wish, his weight and height. It is also fun to add the time and place of birth. Finally, you can put the name of the parents but also of the brothers and sisters.

What is best to avoid on the birth announcement card?

If you have created a birth list, avoid mentioning it on your invitation. Rather, the objective here is to announce the birth of your baby without asking for gifts.

Also, do not describe how the birth went. There are some things that need to be kept personal. Finally, don’t worry if the messages on each of the invitations are not personalized.