How to feed a kitten after weaning?

For the kitten’s optimal health and good growth, its post-weaning diet should not be taken lightly. This period marks maternal detachment and the beginning of independence. It is carried out gradually so as not to destabilize the animal.

A suitable diet at the time of weaning

At birth, the kitten feeds exclusively on mother’s milk. To know if he is growing correctly, the first reflex to adopt is to weigh him. In principle, a kitten should weigh 100 g at birth. There is a 5-10% increase daily. Within 15 days, her weight should normally double. To be sure that the animal is developing properly, it is advisable to weigh it with a kitchen scale or baby scale if you have one. Tracking will be more effective if you make a curve that will allow you to have visibility on the kitten’s weight gain. In the event that you notice a stall, it may mean that the breast milk is no longer sufficient and therefore needs to be supplemented with formula.

Be careful, you should never give it cow’s milk. Problems with digestion may manifest itself in the form of severe diarrhea. The consumption of formula is made with a bottle. The amount depends on the kitten itself. You should not force it too much. If he refuses the bottle at first, moisten his lips with the tip of the wet nipple.

Gradual weaning of the kitten

Weaning begins around the 4th week. The kitten then shows interest in its mother’s bowl. The ideal is to give the mother kitten kibble because they are rich in nutrients and are ideal for nursing mothers. This trick is all the more interesting as if the baby picks from his mother’s bowl, he is not likely to have digestion problems. Gradually, breast milk will go on decreasing.

The transition between liquid and solid food should be smooth. Special kitten food is suitable. They are rich in mineral salts, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins A and D, proteins and cover all the nutritional needs of the animal whose growth will continue properly. Moisten them with formula or water to make them softer.

Also, do not worry even if you see the kitten sucking on its mother when she has run out of milk. It is a normal and natural gesture. On the other hand, be sure to keep the cat away when the little ones eat from their bowl.

From the 7th week, the baby must be weaned. After his 4th month, he develops his final teeth and can now consume classic kibbles for his age, halfway between those dedicated to weaning and adult kibble.

Growth ceases after one year. You can diversify your diet, for example by choosing mash from time to time. Last important point: avoid at all costs to make your cats consume dog food because this leads to significant deficiencies which are detrimental to its health.

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