How to go and visit the beach without a crowd!

Taking a tourist trip to Greece is a dream for many people, and I can guarantee that this desire does not diminish even after a few visits … especially when it includes Navagio Beach. It is easy to understand, after all the visit in a country full of paradisiacal islands and unusual natural beauty, is able to fill the eyes of any traveler. Anyway, that desire was even greater when I saw pictures of a beach that was once voted the most beautiful in the world: Navagio Beach. So it is essential that you know how to go to Navagio Beach.

Also known as “shipwreck beach” – or shipwreck beach – Navagio has become the main tourist destination in Zakynthos, a Greek island that until then was unknown to the general public. In this article I show in a practical way how to get to Navagio Beach, where the beach is, what are the options of tours and packages that take you and everything so that your experience is the best possible.

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How to go to Navagio Beach

Navagio Beach

Speaking the truth, there is not much secret to discover how to get to Navagio Beach, after all there are tours, and tourists are doing blogging from all parts of this island of Greece, in Europe.

However, there are two general options: go to the beach or have the view from the lookout.

During the 10 days I stayed in Zakynthos (check how to get from Athens to Zakynthos), I went to the viewpoint three times and took two boat trips to enjoy the beach, leaving different places on the island, exactly to test which are the best tours.

How to get to the lookout Navagio Beach

Navagio Beach

The view from the lookout is largely responsible for the fame of Zakynthos, and seeing Navagio Beach from the top for the first time is truly a surreal experience, to thrill.

The white stone beach is bathed by the fluorescent blue waters of the sea, framed by limestone cliffs and the green of the native forest. Not to mention the ship that brings a special charm.

Romanticism aside, there are only two ways to get here: making a bus tour to visit various points of interest on the island, or rent your own vehicle.

I recommend the second option, because if you really want to explore different attractions and best beaches in Zakynthos, it will be easier to rent a car, motorcycle or ATV. It is not necessary to present an international driver’s license, but to rent a motorcycle and scooter you need a category A license.

Getting around Zakynthos
Scooter I rented in Zakynthos. Price: € 15.00 / day.

The ideal is to book in advance at RentCars to guarantee the lowest prices, even more if you want to pick up and return the car at the airport.

However, if you prefer to leave your car for the last hour or go with your hair in the wind, there are rental shops on the main beaches and cities, such as Laganas, Kalamaki, Keri, Zakynthos Town and east beaches.

There is not much secret to getting to Navagio Beach, either with a GPS or conventional map. The roads are good and just follow the signs indicating “Shipwreck View“.

On site there is parking, restrooms and stalls selling drinks, fruits and typical island products.

At first you will not see the beach, but just walk for about 5 minutes along a trail, bordering the cliff on the left, to have the traditional view of Navagio Beach.

To the other side, there is another trail that goes to the base jump platform, but be very careful if you go there. There is no protection at all, it is steep and many stones are loose on the ground.

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How to get to Navagio beach

boat to Navagio Beach

It is possible to reach Navagio beach by air, by parachuting, or by sea, by boat trips that depart from different points of the island. As I am not that radical, I will only show the advantages and disadvantages of the second option.

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Zakynthos Town | The great excursions depart from Zakynthos Town, destined for the public that is based on the beaches of the south and east.

They are huge boats that take dozens and dozens of tourists for trips around the island, stopping in Navagio between 11:00 and 15:00.

I honestly did not do this type of tour, because I preferred to escape the crowd. The advantage is that you won’t have to travel / drive north.

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Types of tours to Navagio Beach
Office at the north end of the island.

Northern Zakynthos | I stayed for several days at the north end of the island, and ended up discovering some good options. Only small boats leave here, from Makris Gialos, Mikro Nisi and St. Nicholas, from where it is possible to go in groups of approximately 10 people, or even to hire a private tour.

As the boats are small, they also enter the beautiful Blue Caves. Try to go early, or after 2 pm to avoid peak hours.

However, the most popular tour is from the small port at the north end of Zakynthos, where the lighthouse is located (on the maps there are indications saying “haos”, “fáros” or “Skinari Lighthouse”). The boats leave every 15 minutes, which is very good, but there is a peculiarity in relation to the others.

Because they are very close to the real Blue Caves, they divide the tour into two parts: first the passengers go on a small boat that enters the most incredible caves.

After that, a change is made to a larger boat, which takes tourists to Navagio. This can be bad if you are in a hurry to get to the beach right away.

I took this last route, and it was generally sensational, but it would have been even better if I had arrived at the beach at the quietest times. The first part with the boat exchange lasted 1 hour, plus 30 minutes sailing and 60 minutes in Navagio Beach.

Porto Vromi | The small Porto Vromi is one of the few beaches on the west side of Zakynthos, being the closest starting point to Navagio Beach.

It was my last trip to Navagio, so I already knew all the tricks and ended up being the tour I liked the most, for several reasons.

First, the place is beautiful, and waiting for the boat to leave was already incredible.

Second, the boat trip is shorter and the total time of the tour is shorter, in addition to the price that varies between 10 and 15 euros. Finally, the boat also passes through some caves, although they are not the same as the main ones located in the far north.

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Viewpoint + Navagio beach = the perfect itinerary

Navagio Beach

At the end of the day, the vast majority of people want to visit the lookout and the beach at Navagio in a single levada, and I ended up defining a perfect itinerary for those who reserved just one day for it.

Leaving Porto Vromi is the most practical, so be at the place close to 2 pm, as boats usually leave every hour, you will not risk losing the last one, which leaves around 4 pm. To be sure, visit the viewpoint before that, with enough time to stay for about 2 hours.

To end the day, two places are incredible for the sunset: the lookout itself, or the restaurants on the outskirts of Kampi, but south of the coast.

See photos and tips in the post about Zakynthos beaches.

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Navagio Beach Tips

* Video of Greece’s official tourism website.

Because it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, I decided to stay longer in Zakynthos to explore the different ways to visit Navagio Beach.

It was fantastic to be able to go back, see the beach from different angles and at different times, and now I hope this article will help you have the best experience possible in Navagio Beach.

Researching how to get to Navagio Beach? Haven’t decided what to do yet? Would you like to share your tips and experiences?

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