How to grieve after the death of your cat?

The death of a cat is a terrible ordeal for all members of its foster family, and it is difficult to cope with it. The mourning period consists of several stages. It’s a complex process completely normal, the duration of which varies considerably from one master to another but also depending on the conditions in which the cat died. Counting on the support of understanding people is essential. As for adopting a new animal, it is a decision that is not easy to make. Let’s do a check in.

Death of his cat: a difficult test for his master

The death of a cat is a painful event that the owner has difficulty accepting. This absence in the home creates a vacuum because the animal is considered a member of the family. Its disappearance causes different feelings that will follow one another over time, such as denial, the anger, the sadness, the resignation. The period of mourning ends with some masters with acceptance, but others fail to cope and find themselves in depression. If the former succeed in rebuilding themselves, the latter have great difficulty in seeing the end of the tunnel.

The owner of the animal is in a better position to prepare psychologically for the departure of his small animal when it is suffering from a long, incurable disease. Death ending cat suffering, it is then considered as a deliverance. The grief of his owner is of course immense, but he can mourn with more than serenity under these conditions, unless he had to make the heavy decision to euthanize his animal. This can make some people feel guilty and it is very difficult to deal with. It therefore adds to the sadness.

On the other hand, grieving is often a more long and painful in people who lose their little feline by accident or due to a major illness. Hit hard, they had no opportunity to prepare.

Finally, in children, the emotional charge that generates the death of a cat is often even stronger and this can cause anxiety and psychological disorders – especially in the youngest – because they tend to identify with their pet.

Death of your cat: surround yourself with loved ones to overcome this difficult course

It is recommended do not isolate yourself after the death of his pet because it is running the risk of withdrawing into oneself and not being able to mourn. On the contrary, it is possible to obtain a support with family or friends. Many of them have undoubtedly experienced this type of event before, and their experience can be of great help. This is not always the case for people who have never had a pet or who have not been able to establish a very strong bond with their little companion. The loss of your animal being the source of deep sadness, being able to surround yourself with loved ones, understanding and full of benevolence is fundamental.

It should also be taken into account that all members of the family are affected by the death of a cat, and that everyone must be able to grieve. It is therefore a test to share so that parents and children can support and help each other through this ordeal as well as possible. Crying together but also listening to each other, remembering the many good times spent with the cat, allow everyone to relieve their pain and to know that they are not alone in being upset.

Should you adopt another animal to mourn your cat?

This is a delicate subject since each person has their own feelings. Some owners will want to welcome another cat into their home, immediately after losing their small animal, in order to fill the gap.huge void that his death entails. Others, on the contrary, have the firm conviction that by adopting a new little companion they will have the feeling of drawing a line on the past and replacing their cat. They fear feeling guilty by showing indifference.

You should know that taking back a cat is absolutely legitimate. It is not advisable to give it up if the desire East very strong and that one does not seek to “replace” one’s recently dead animal with another. This new adoption should not be decided to relieve his sadness, but because we still have a lot of love to give to an animal. We must of course be aware that each little cat is a particular being, with its personality, its character, and that it cannot replace the one that we have lost.

There is no shame or guilt in wanting to share new happy moments with a other cat. But this decision should not be taken in haste. It is in any case essential to talk about it with the other members of the family, and a new adoption can only be decided if it is desired by all. This means that everyone has come to terms with the death of their animal. Because theacceptance is also one of the stages in the grieving process. It occurs when the death of the cat is admitted and we are ready to regain taste in everyday life. It is therefore at this moment that the end of mourning period start.

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