How to grieve after the death of your dog?

The death of a dog can be, for some owners, as painful as the disappearance of a loved one. The dog is a faithful, loyal, affectionate animal that holds an important place in a family and is considered a full member. Grieving after the loss of your dog is therefore difficult. How does the mourning period go and can we prevent the loss of our dog from leaving a too deep wound? How to talk about it with young children to help them accept the death of their little companion? Here are a few tips.

Grieving a dog: the various inevitable stages

When a dog dies, its owner feels a real void, a situation often misunderstood by people who have never had a pet. This absence is very destabilizing and has repercussions on all members of the family. Mourning is a period that takes place in several inevitable stages, namely:

  • The guilt : the master blames himself for not having been able to save his dog and persuades himself that he could perhaps have avoided his death.
  • Theirritation, even the anger : whether the dog has succumbed to an accident or an illness, his master feels anger towards the person he considers responsible for his disappearance, such as the handler who could not avoid the animal or the veterinarian in charge of treating him.
  • The refusal : It may happen that the owner of the dog does not manage to realize that his animal is no more. He therefore goes through this stage of denial because he does not accept his death.
  • The depressed and sometimes even the depression : great suffering sets in as soon as the owner of the animal becomes aware of his definitive absence.

This process can last from a few weeks to several months. It is useless to want to fight against this process which is necessary to allow us to mourn.

Death of a dog: how to mourn?

It is fundamental to respect the stages of mourning and therefore, to accept that it can take time. This allows them to calm their feelings of anger and to understand that no one is responsible for the disappearance of their dog, but that it is unfortunately a inevitable outcome for all living things.

This destabilizing situation can leave an indelible mark on many people. To best live the period of mourning after the death of your dog, it is absolutely necessary to do not isolate yourself. On the contrary, you have to surround yourself with people you trust, who understand the void created by this disappearance and the pain felt by the master. On the contrary, it is better to avoid being around people who do not understand this distress and the psychological pain that death causes. We must not refrain from cry your little companion, and there is no shame in feeling sorry. It is also a normal and liberating reaction.

It is very important to remember the good times spent with his animal and to talk about it with relatives, to share the prettiest anecdotes with them, to show them photos of the animal or videos that were shot at different times in its life. It is a very good way tosoothe his sorrow.

However, it is strongly recommended to do not lock yourself in your memories and get involved in activities. The ideal is to change your habits. Going out with family or friends, practicing a sport or a hobby, sharing more time with your other pet if you have one, are very important for the course of life to resume little by little.

Helping a child to mourn the death of his dog: the choice of words

It is essential, when you have children who are also suffering a lot from the death of their animal, to take the time to talk with them. They must be able express pain that they feel.

Let’s not forget that for younger children, it is often when they lose their pet that they are faced with death for the first time. So they need to be accompanied, supported, but also of understand death so as not to feel responsible.

To do this, the choice of vocabulary is very important. It is highly preferable to speak of death rather than departure so that the child does not wait for the return of his animal. Thus, he too will be able to mourn.

Contact funeral directors for animals

In order to schedule a funeral after the death of a dog, it is advisable to contact a specialized funeral director. The owner shocked by the loss of his animal can thus be accompanied by professionals who show great delicacy and are very attentive to their customers. They can help all family members cope with this very painful time, providing them with comfort and compassion.

These animal funeral directors offer different services and know how to respond to specific requests so that each master can choose the formula that suits him best (see this file on the cremation of the dog). This will help him to mourn his dog in appeasement. Burial, individual cremation, collective cremation, choice of a funeral article and / or an urn allowing the recovery of ashes… It is possible to request several quotes in order to compare the services offered and their prices.

Following the death of their dog, some people fall into a severe depression because they remain alone in the face of their suffering. But being able to turn the page does not mean ignoring death or forgetting your little companion. But it is fundamental to get better. When this seems difficult, or even impossible, do not hesitate to consult your doctor or even to get help from a psychologist. Through monitoring, it is then possible to accept the obvious so that time can finally do its work. Finally, when everything is better, it is then possible to welcome a new pet. But it should never be done too early. You have to wait until you are ready to adopt.

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