How to hang a painting on the wall? Point or screw and dowel?

Hanging a picture on the wall requires choosing the good fastening systems that will allow the frame to hold in place, despite impact and weight. Please note that the system used to fix a painting to a concrete wall is not the same as that used for plasterboard walls.

Choose the location of the table

The first thing to do when you want to hang a painting on a wall is to first determine where it will be displayed. It is better to have two people to do this operation. The first person will take care of holding the painting while the second will determine the interest of its location, taking into account the furniture, the light, the decoration, etc.

After defining where the painting will be hung, mark it with a pencil. You must leave a corresponding mark at the top of the table. Then determine the distance between the fixing system and the upper part of the frame. Make another mark that will help you get your bearings.

Hanging the painting

The hanging system for your painting is to be selected according to the type of wall. For wood, chipboard or plywood walls, it is much better to use a steel point. It suffices to insert the point at an angle. You have to tap lightly with a hammer so that the point can easily go through the wall.

If it is a question of a plasterboard wall, cellular concrete or plaster tiles, in this case, it will be necessary to choose dowels and suitable screws. This option is all the more compulsory in the event that the framing is heavy enough. If the wall is covered with wallpaper, first make a small cut in the covering before drilling. Then, pick up the four ends of the incised wallpaper and make the hole. Later, during a move, it will suffice to fold back these four points so that the hole is no longer visible.

Some practical advice to apply

It is strongly recommended not to use adhesive hooks to hang the picture. Some of them are so weak that they give in without warning. Others are so sticky that it is difficult to tear them off without damaging the coating.

Adhesive pastes are also prohibited for securing heavy objects such as paintings. Other information to know: if the weight of your table is more than 5 kg, it is essential to use plugs and screws to ensure its stability. If it weighs less than a kilo, a point will suffice.

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