How to hang a painting on the wall without making holes? 6 solutions

You have always wondered, when hanging a painting on the wall, how do people install it in the most horizontal way possible, that’s one thing, but above all how to avoid making a hole in it. the wall. Because a hammer and nails can be a more than haphazard combination when you don’t know how to properly fill a hole in the wall. This is why it may be appropriate to use a softer technique – especially if you live in a rental.

Whether you are an avid collector or have just purchased a few beautiful paintings for fun, decorating your walls with works of art can add personality and a splash of color to your home. Of course, finding a way to display each masterpiece can be difficult, especially if you’re worried about damaging your walls. So try one of the following 6 solutions.

1- The chair rail, the most elegant solution

Lift your head towards the ceiling, your home may have moldings that are not necessarily decorative. They can be designed to accommodate a hook, which is still the best way to hang things on the wall without damaging it. If your house or apartment does not have moldings, you can decide to install a chair rail. This is a picture rail that is installed near the ceiling and which allows frames and works of art to be suspended by a wire, which can be nylon. The chair rail can withstand heavy loads such as imposing paintings or large mirrors.

2 – Adhesive strips, the most appropriate option

The fixing tabs have been specially designed for this use: to support frames weighing several kilos without having to drill a hole in the wall beforehand. These adhesive tabs are used to hang shallow frames. You have vacation photos of families to display on your walls to personalize your decoration. Need no nails or hammers to bring some warmth to your interior. Maybe plan a level to confirm that your frame is straight before you stick it to the wall.

3 – Patafix type adhesive pads, the most practical choice

This adhesive eraser, almost known to everyone, works miracles. Of course, it allows you to hang very light paintings, or even rather posters or photos. For fast and clean fixing of small objects, this is the ideal choice. It suffices to distribute the adhesive paste well then to press strongly between the object to be hung and the support. To remove these adhesive pads, which are repositionable, be delicate: pull gently while turning.

4 – Double-sided tape, the fastest way

Double-sided tape is also very effective for hanging small, relatively light objects on the wall without drilling a hole. Use it to hang small picture frames. In general, it can be applied on many different surfaces like plaster, wood, PVC, glass, etc.

5 – The adhesive hook, the most magnetic answer

It arises anywhere. We think of it for a bunch of keys, for a tea towel, for a garment, so why not for a painting? They are not all magnetic, there are suction cups. It is a solution like the previous ones: fast and nomadic. Obviously, be sure to adapt the weight of the painting to the number of hooks used to hang it.

6 – Accessories, the key to not drilling a wall

This painting would be the most beautiful effect here on this wall. But after all, do you really need to hang it? Are there not other solutions? Very simple, you just have to think about it.

An easel

You know what, easels aren’t just for artists and their work in progress. Why not place one in a corner of your room to display a work that you care deeply about and thus avoid a hole in your wall?


Even if the ladders are generally kept outside or in a garage, you are free to divert their use and place one in one of your unused corners. Without a single nail, it becomes a useful shelf as well as an artistic display.

A bookcase or shelves

Who said this piece of furniture should only show the edges of your favorite books? Put a framed photo or painting on the shelf closest to eye level – the place where you’re supposed to hang your artwork according to experts. This is enough to present a painting, if not to hang it, in the simplest way possible.

A counter

A bit like a splashback in a kitchen that follows the worktop, line up tables along a chest of drawers or countertops. Not only does it dress up your wall but it adds depth to your room.

Your fireplace mantel

Choose a large, full-screen picture on your fireplace mantel. What create a main point where to catch the eye. You won’t even need to decorate your other wall as the one above your fireplace will look great.

Directly on the ground

Play the oversized artwork card. If your furniture allows it, that is to say if you have rather low furniture in your room, place your monumental work directly on the floor, against the wall. There is no risk of it blending into the rest of the decor, but on the contrary of being its centerpiece. Large paintings and works are yours!

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