How to hide electric wires and cables from the house?

Do you also live in a jungle of cables and wires? Living in a modern house today is often synonymous with a considerable volume of cables and wires of all kinds. It can be quite frustrating to have a thoughtful and very nice decoration and cables that show up here and there… Not only is this not particularly aesthetic, but when they are tangled, it is even less so. Before you get rid of all your electronic devices, instead see the tips to use to solve your wiring problems and continue to stay connected!

Hang the electrical wires on the back of your furniture

It sounds obvious and easy as pie. And it is! Unsightly hanging cables quickly disappear when you stick them to the nearest piece of furniture. To do this, glue transparent clips along the back edges of your furniture – this is easily found on merchant sites on the Net. Sticking the clips takes about thirty seconds, wait until they can be used an hour and then you can then neatly tidy your cables along your various furniture. No more chargers lying around since you can also install these famous clips at your desk.

Run your cables through your TV cabinet

If you are feeling the soul of a handyman, you can try to make some kind of case that will store your cables inside your TV stand. You just have to hold this case along your TV stand, using notches. Lots of sites explain how to do this yourself. There are plenty of ways to keep all those TV wires and cables out of your sight.

Slide your cables into a drawer

You no longer support those cables that hang from your electrical outlets or simply your power strip which visually clutters your space? What if the solution was to simply make a few modifications to a single drawer to eliminate this visual pollution? With an electric drill and the proximity of a wall outlet, you should be able to accomplish a little miracle. Drill a hole in the back panel of the drawer located near an electrical wall outlet. Then pass the power cable through the hole and use double-sided tape. When you plug your electronic devices into your power strip, create a space for each of your devices – phone, tablet, speaker, etc. – has its place while it recharges in the drawer.

Choose a cable cover: trunking or plinth

To eliminate the risk of falling or simply to prevent your toddlers from manipulating the cables that run along your office, living room or bedroom, install ducts to conceal them. They are attached to the wall and are more or less thick depending on the number of cables you have to hide. You can also opt for an electric plinth which is in fact a somewhat special chute that turns into a plinth, flush with the ground. Their rendering is clean and discreet. You even have the option of painting the baseboard to best match your interior design.

Double your wall

As simple as the previous solution, it requires more implementation. It’s about lining your wall, plain and simple. To mount a partition up to the vertical half of your wall or a little lower, it’s up to you to see the height chosen. And hide all your cables there. To add warmth, you can create a paneled partition, which you can nicely backlight.

Hide your router or modem in one of your creations

A router or modem, or simply your Internet box, is not very aesthetic? Do you often want to hide them? Why not in this case hide everything, cable including in a creation made by yourself? An example would be wrapping your router and its cable in a book, which would fit nicely into your bookcase or shelves. All you need is a binder large enough to cut out and then cover so that it looks like a book – you can also use the real jacket of a book. Then all you have to do is slide your router vertically inside the filing cabinet and gently slide the cable along the wall behind the cabinet.

Integrate your electrical outlets into your furniture

This is done in some countries, especially in bathrooms. Electrical outlets are installed in the bathroom furniture. Which makes them invisible when not in use.

Decorate your electric wires and cables

If your wires and cables cannot be easily concealed, take another step: that of making them even more visible by decorating them. The pearls and other masking tapes are yours! Turn your electrical cords into mini works of art. An electric wire-pearl necklace, that is frankly not common! If you have a cable or a wire that runs along a wall, customize it, make it a plant that you can decorate with decals of green leaves or birds that have landed on it.

Choose a box or a tube

Whether you make them yourself or buy them off the shelf, boxes or tubes intended to hide your electrical wires and cables will be magical containers that will make your life easier.