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Like any business, you want to retain your customers and provide them with a great customer experience. This requires practical, efficient and effective customer service. How to do ? Here are some tips to improve the customer experience over the phone.

How to ensure an optimal customer experience by phone?

Each call is an opportunity to make an impression and to start or continue a pleasant and lasting relationship with its customers. It is essential for this to always question yourself in order to seek to improve the customer experience by telephone.

6 tips to ensure an ideal customer experience

For a successful customer experience, of course, contact center agents need to be professional, respectful and polite. But that’s not all, you also need to build a strong customer strategy to improve your customers’ experience. Here are 6 tips to improve the customer experience over the phone.

Use the right tools

To be more efficient, you must equip yourself with the tools adapted to the needs of your contact center. The IPBX standards which integrate VoIP solutions make it possible to facilitate the work of agents and thus to be more efficient. With a 100% dematerialized and unified solution, your telephone switchboard will be simpler, more economical and will offer more functionalities, all this while allowing more flexibility and therefore offering the possibility of remote work.

Automate tasks to save time

In order for everything to run smoothly and to flow together quickly, it is important to automate repetitive tasks. For example, you can configure the incoming call flows so that they are distributed to an agent specified in the customer’s request so that the problem is resolved on the first exchange or even set up automatic callbacks, so that the customer does not do not have to wait and be called back when they want. Automation is a technique that saves time for agents and therefore for customers.

Continuously train agents

Not everyone has the same perception of customer service, it is important to share the culture and the missions of the company with your teleoperators so that everyone is on the same wavelength. Inform your agents about the company, its objectives, its strategies, its products. Include them in the growth and future of the business. Continuously training its agents means providing them with the keys to meet customer needs and achieve an effective customer experience.

Personalize communications

Customers need to feel heard and understood. It is therefore important to know how to conduct tailor-made conversations for each of your customers in order to guarantee exceptional service. Use customer feedback to offer them the products or services that are right for them. Take advantage of IPBX solutions that offer live display of customer records to build trust and customer follow-up.

Offer self-service options

To reduce the number of calls to a contact center and thus reduce the waiting time for your customers, offer tools other than calls to answer customer questions. For example, an FAQ can answer frequently asked questions or a live chat can provide clear and quick answers.

Take customer reviews into account

Listen to what your customers have to say, whether it’s praise or criticism. Any constructive comment is good to take in order to improve. The opinions of your customers are a valuable source of information. You will be able to get leads on the things you need to improve regarding the customer experience.