How to insure a guide dog for the blind?

In the vast majority of cases, a visually impaired person who is accompanied in daily life by a guide dog for the blind does not own the animal, which generally belongs to an association. However, she may want to take out a dog health insurance contract in order to reduce the veterinary expenses incumbent on her in the event of an accident or illness of her little guide. Does she have the right to do so even if the dog does not belong to her?

Fees for a guide dog for the blind

The person who uses a guide dog must take care of every expense related to animal care. This includes food, the accessories he needs, lotions, shampoos, antiparasitics, dewormers, but also all veterinary expenses such as a simple consultation, the management of a health problem related to an accident or to a sickness.

In these very particular dogs, the risk of accident is high, especially on public roads, in the countryside and even more in urban areas, because they ensure the safety of the person they are accompanying at all times. Just to take care of their health, it can represent significant expenses, knowing that a guide dog lives alongside the visually impaired person for many years.

Where can I find guide dog health insurance?

The best solution to take care of him at a lower cost is toinsure the guide dog with a pet health insurance because it is quite possible to take out a contract if you are not the owner.

Most companies offer the same contracts for guide dogs as for other canines, some however grant prices calculated as accurately as possible, even discounts, and offer discounts. optimal guarantees. The subscriber can thus be well reimbursed for his expenses if the animal is the victim of an accident or becomes ill.

To find a guide dog health insurance contract, the visually impaired person can contact:

  • The association that owns the dog,
  • The French Federation of Guide Dog Associations,
  • Its own insurance company, knowing that some insurers can offer solutions perfectly suited to this type of situation.

It is also interesting to launch a research by means of the Internet in order to compare numerous offers and thus to make play the competition.

Choose optimal guarantees to perfectly cover a guide dog for the blind

Whatever solution is chosen, the guide dog health insurance must at least apply:

  • A high reimbursement rate, from 70 to 80% or even higher, knowing that for a high-end formula it can reach 100%,
  • A sufficiently large annual reimbursement ceiling, of the order of € 2,000 at least,
  • A contract that offers a extensive coverage in order to be reimbursed:
    • Consultations,
    • Treatments,
    • Additional examinations,
    • Hospitalization costs (accommodation costs),
    • Surgical costs such as anesthesia, surgery,
    • Emergency transport costs,
    • Prevention acts (at least through an annual package) …

It is also preferable to turn to a formula which also integrates assistance service guaranteeing for example:

  • Caring for the dog in the event of hospitalization of the visually impaired person,
  • Repatriation of the visually impaired person to their home if the dog is injured, falls ill or dies during an outing or a stay.

The guide dog for the blind has an extremely important role. It’s a crucial companion who deserves to be taken care of at all times. It must be fully covered in the event of accident or illness. It is therefore preferable that the waiting period is as short as possible so that the contract comes into force without too much delay. It is of course ideal to opt for a guide dog health contract without waiting period so that the animal is covered on the day of subscription.

By benefiting from the best possible contract, the guide dog for the blind can be fully insured. In addition, the visually impaired person will be well reimbursed for his veterinary expenses. In this way, she will be able to take care of her faithful and devoted little guide for the blind, in all serenity, and until the dog is retired.

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