How to keep mosquitoes away from your home: tips and best practices

Summer is coming, with its warm evenings with family or friends, its barbecues, its swimming in the pool or at sea, but also with its… mosquitoes! These small blood-sucking insects are indeed out at this time when we tend to discover ourselves and open our homes. However, nothing like their bites and their incessant buzzing to spoil the pleasure of summer evenings, not to mention that the mosquito is also a vector of diseases! Here are our tips for effectively removing them from your home.

Tips and tricks to avoid attracting mosquitoes

Before the arrival of mosquitoes and during the summer season, it is possible to simply avoid attracting them to your home with simple actions.

  • Regularly, that is to say several times a week ideally, empty all the cups of the flower pots to remove the water. Mosquitoes lay eggs in water and are therefore naturally attracted to all possible sources.
  • In your garden and around the house, avoid any standing water. To do this, empty all the items that may contain it and leave the buckets and outdoor games turned upside down as much as possible to prevent water from stagnating after a rain.
  • To prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in water supplies and objects that you cannot empty, protect them with cloth or, better, with a mosquito net.
  • If you have an ornamental pond, activate the filter pump as much as possible to prevent the water from being too stagnant and implant fish there which will feed on the larvae with pleasure before they hatch.

Tips and tricks to keep mosquitoes away from the house

If mosquitoes still surround your home or enter your home in the evening to annoy you, there are simple solutions to keep them away.

Mosquito repellent plants

To keep mosquitoes away from your property, do not hesitate to plant species that repel them in your garden, and in particular around your terrace, your balcony, under or on your windows, or even in clumps in the house!

  • Lemongrass : pleasant to grow, lemongrass diffuses a good lemony scent and repels mosquitoes. This essence is also available in the form of scented candles, cream and essential oil.
  • Geranium : this pretty flowering plant is an excellent natural mosquito repellent. It smells good and comes in a multitude of shapes and colors, so it is ideal for decorating your patio and your window sills while keeping unwanted people away.
  • Lavender : this multi-purpose plant is a good repellent. You can plant it in the garden, arrange a few small pots of it on your window sills and a few sprigs in the house. It is also possible to use it in the form of essential oil, it is very effective and pleasant to smell.
  • The Basilic : the strong, but pleasant smell of basil repels many insects, including mosquitoes. Arrange several pots on your window sills or on the terrace. You can also place a few branches in the house to keep possible intruders away.
  • Mint : very good mosquito repellent, mint is also a good way to relieve bites. Crush some leaves and rub on the pimples.
  • The tomato : for lovers of this delicious summer fruit, know that the tomato repels mosquitoes. It is actually the leaves that are effective. Place a few on your garden table when you dine on the patio, and rub some on your clothes when you go out for protection.

Natural solutions

  • Lemon and cloves : plant cloves in lemons and arrange them on your window sills, interior furniture and bedside tables. The combination of the two scents repels mosquitoes in a natural way. On the other hand, they must be renewed regularly, because they are ineffective once dry.
  • Essential oils : essential oils of citronella, lavender, geranium and eucalyptus repel mosquitoes. You can diffuse them in the house (far from young children and animals for whom they can be toxic), spray them diluted in water, place some on your clothes when you go out or on a cloth that you will place next to your nightstand.
  • Mosquito net : to protect your child in his sleep, the mosquito net to be installed on the cradle or bed is a good solution. Mosquitoes will not be able to reach it and you thus prevent any exposure to chemicals or toxic products for its fragile organism.
  • The fan : The fan is also a good way to repel mosquitoes from your child’s room. Do not aim it at him, but the air he blows away the parasites.