How to know the sex of your rat?

The behaviors are quite different between a rat and a rat. In addition, the lifespan of this animal being short, its instinct leads it to reproduce quickly. If you have at least two rats, which is strongly recommended, it is therefore important to know the sex of your rats, otherwise unwanted litters may occur.

Identify the sex of a rat

The size of testicles being consistent in rats, it is possible to observe them from the age of two weeks and thus to define reliably that it is a male rat.

The testicles are located just below the tail. They are of course absent in a female.

Differences between rat and rat

In terms of morphology, males are generally larger than females.

On the character side, rats have a reputation for being calmer and more cuddles than rattes. They are therefore more inclined to stay on you. But its coat is rougher and its smell stronger than that of females, while remaining bearable. They are also more fighters than the rats, because it is necessary to show who is the strongest. Sometimes, some rats become particularly aggressive due to excess testosterone. There is only one effective treatment: castration. Mats are more active than males and particularly playful.

These indications are of course general. Each rat remains unique and has its own character that was built up young, and in particular depending on whether it was brought into contact with humans or not. A male may very well be very lively and a female less dynamic than the average rat.

It is better to adopt at least two rats

Rats have important social needs. In the wild, rats live in hierarchical groups. To flourish, a rat therefore needs at least one companion of its species. This is all the more valid if you have a preference for the female sex, the male rat sporting large testicles which can be put off, because a rat is even less solitary than a male.

Don’t jump to the conclusion that the costs will be strictly doubled if you have two rats. The food is indeed doubled, but remains at an affordable cost. A rat needs a lot of space and its cage should be spacious, but if you have two rats that space may not be doubled.
In contrast, a bored rat is more prone to developing diseases : however, veterinary costs are quickly significant.

On the other hand, a bored animal is an animal whose lifespan of the animal will also be shorter. However, if you want to welcome a pet, it’s good to take care of it and ensure its well-being, isn’t it?

The rat shows elaborate behavior

An experiment by Japanese researchers showed that rats knew how to save a drowning companion. The latter could only access a dry place if another rat, placed in an adjacent cage, opened the door for him. And the rescue did take place from the moment the signs of distress were emitted.

While the delousing of monkeys is a well-known animal behavior, few people know that rats also clean themselves. It is particularly useful around the eyes and mouth which cannot be reached by the individual himself. This ritual promotes friendship between members of a rat colony, especially by spreading a common odor. Contact also promotes the attachment of rats to each other.