How to lay grass in a roll?

Particularly practical, the turf in rolls or veneer sod allows you to transform the garden in just a few hours. It is a sodding technique as old as the world which does not pose any particular problem but requires a little method. So let’s see when to lay sod, what preparations are necessary, how to proceed to obtain an impeccable result. Let’s take the opportunity to find out how much the rolled grass costs, which can also be installed by a professional.

Why lay sod in a roll?

Football fields are not the only places where unrolling turf can find its place. Many individuals opt for this solution in order todevelop their garden, and rolled sod is also all the rage in many private condominium gardens. It must be recognized that its assets are numerous, namely:

  • 100% natural,
  • Practice,
  • Ideal for partial or total renovation, or for the creation of a lawn,
  • Dense,
  • Resistant :
    • trampling,
    • to drought,
    • cold.
  • Without weeds,
  • Perfect aesthetic appearance from day one,
  • Available in different varieties such as Mediterranean turf, English turf, golf turf or sports turf,
  • Immediate result (therefore much faster than with a sowing).

Roll turf turns out to be very resistant from installation because it has grown in the open for at least 12 to 18 months. During his preculture, he received all the necessary care (watering, fertilization, mowing, etc.).

It is true that roll sod is more expensive than sowing sod, but it saves time and a lot of effort. The only constraint to lay it in the best conditions is to prepare the ground a few days before the delivery of the plates. Better to find good souls who can lend a hand because each roll of grass weighs a good twenty kilos and the installation must be carried out as quickly as possible. So as not to tackle this task alone so that the timing is respected.

When to lay sod in a roll?

Veneer sod can be laid in any season in a particularly mild climate. But professionals strongly recommend to respect the following conditions: it must not freeze and it is also necessary to avoid periods of heat wave or severe drought. the spring and the beginning of thefall are therefore the two best times of the year to lay sod to roll out.

Why plan to deliver lawn rolls well in advance?

Ideally, the laying period should be scheduled early enough because it is necessary to order sod rolls to the producer well in advance. Anticipation is therefore absolutely essential to have a lawn of great freshness on the day of delivery. Let’s not forget that this is a living plant and that there is therefore no question of letting it languish in a room.

Indeed, the supplier must carry out the ” displacement »Grass harvested in the field immediately before the rolls are shipped. These are packaged on pallets. The delivery person is responsible for taking the pallets from the sod farm in order to bring them to their destination, that is to say to the customer and more precisely where the lawn rolls must be laid. This requires a flawless organization.

It is absolutely necessary to be present during the delivery because it is done at precise date and time, and of course the ground must be completely ready so that the installation can be carried out the same day (or in any case within the shortest possible time, namely less than 24 hours after delivery).

What are the essential preparations for laying sod properly?

The ground must be perfectly prepared so that the day of delivery of the lawn to be unrolled, the laying can be carried out immediately. This preparation can of course be anticipated, and consists of:

  • Weed carefully,
  • Plow to a depth of 20 cmeither with a rototiller or with a spade,
  • Loosen the topsoil by breaking up the clods and then breaking it up,
  • Refine the cleaning of the ground with a rake or a claw in order to remove the roots, plant debris as well as all the stones,
  • Carefully rake the surface of the ground intended to receive the lawn to be rolled out. The goal is to obtain a clean and perfectly flat surface so that the grass can take root easily.
  • Firm the soil using a lawn roller so that there are no more bumps or holes, and that when installing, the workers do not have their feet sinking into the earth. It must therefore be sufficiently compacted, which is why the lawn roller is essential.

If the soil is particularly poor, it may be useful to amend it with compost. But the question of pre-fertilization soil divides professionals. It is therefore from the supplier of rolled sod that it is necessary to inquire about this subject because only he knows what cultivation methods are adopted in his sod farm and is therefore able to advise his client.

What is the technique of laying turf in a roll?

Upon delivery, the rollers must be stored in the open and in the shade in order to wait there until their installation (a few hours, therefore). The beautiful, healthy lawn should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Here’s how to lay a lawn roll.

  • Unroll on a straight side, starting at the bottom of the plot to be sodded so as not to have to trample on the freshly laid grass.
  • Unroll only one roll at a time.
  • The first strip must follow the border well.
  • Cut the strip at the end of the line with a cutter or a sharp knife to obtain a clean and precise cut, or unwind another roll to finish the line,
  • Continue making sure:
    • that the strips are slightly offset as it is necessary to do with a parquet,
    • that the bands are edge to edge. They should not overlap and there should be no space between two bands.
  • Apply the strips well to the soil so that an intimate contact is created, which will promote rooting. Must therefore remove even the smallest folds by hand.
  • Use offcuts in the corners. They can also be used to plug a hole here and there.
  • Roll the lawn roller over the entire surface so that the rolled lawn strips are perfectly applied against the topsoil.
  • End with a very generous watering (the equivalent of 5 to 6 liters of water per m²), in fine rain, until the ground is wet. It is not waived under any circumstances, even if the weather is raining, because this watering session is fundamental to guarantee the good grass recovery in roll.

Do not worry if you see the fittings in the beginning. They will disappear when the lawn grows.

Have your lawn rolled by a professional

Home gardeners or people who simply do not have free time are advised to entrust the laying of the roll grass to a professional. landscaper. This experienced professional takes care of everything and uses its equipment such as the lawn roller. This exempts his client from buying or renting everything needed to lay the veneer lawn.

To get an idea of ​​the cost of labor, all you have to do is use an online comparator to obtain several quotes from local landscapers in just a few clicks.

How much does turf roll cost?

To know the exact price, it is necessary to contact a natural grass producer so that it establishes an exact costing.

For information, the turf price in roll is declining depending on the surface ordered. We can therefore use the following price ranges including tax:

  • € 3.60 / m² maximum for an order of 300 m² or more,
  • From € 3.60 to € 5.10 / m² for an order of 50 to 299 m²,
  • From 5.10 to 9.00 € / m² if the order is between 1 and 49 m².

It is of course necessary to count in addition the price of the delivery and, if one does not take care of it oneself, the cost of the installation by a professional landscaper.